Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Meaningfull Change to Make CR Reporting Pay: Inverviews with with VPs from Nestlé, Unilever and Pirelli

In these interviews from Ethical Corp you will see the views of VPs from Nestlé, Unilever and Pirelli on how to drive meaningful change and make CR reporting pay off. Miguel Veiga-Pestana, Vice President, Global External Affairs, Unilever and Filippo Bettini Head of Group Sustainability & Risk Governance, Pirelli SPA and Hilary Parsons Director Public Affairs, Nestlé share their ideas and thoughts in the interviews

You will hear:

  1. How to turn reputational risks into opportunities through powerful long-term sustainability communications
  2. How to create strategic stakeholder engagement to attract responsible investment
  3. What the benefits of sustainability reporting are for your business beyond increased employee loyalty and consumer trust

Session 1: Unilever, Vice President, Global External Affairs and Media Relations, Miguel Veiga-Pestana, Pirelli SPA, Head of Group Sustainability & Risk Governance, Filippo Bettini

The Crown Estate, Head of Sustainability, Mark Gough on ‘Unique insights from the top - a cross industry perspective’

Session 2: Nestlé, Director Public Affairs, Hilary Parsons and UPM, Head of Communications UK & Ireland, Will Stone on ‘The future of CR disclosure and sustainability comms: driving meaningful change’

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