Saturday, October 18, 2014

Video - Naomi Klein on Free Market Capitalism: Opportunities Inequality and Climate Change

In this November, 2012 broadcast Bill Moyers interviews Naomi Klein. She says the tragic destruction of Hurricane Sandy can also be the catalyst for the transformation of politics and our economy. "Let's rebuild by actually getting at the root causes. Let's respond by aiming for an economy that responds to the crisis both [through] inequality and climate change," Klein says in this video. Klein believes that to combat the powerful fossil fuel lobby we must cultivate a "bottom-up" approach to change. Klein further believes that to combat climate change must "regulate corporations."

The science of climate change is an affront to those who subscribe to radical free market ideologies. Combating climate change is at odds with the conservative believe that our liberation will come from liberating corporations.

"We have to regulate we have to plan we can't leave everything to free markets," Klein said, "climate change is the single greatest free market failure." The science of climate change refutes the world view of those who subscribe to a free market ideology. This is a conservative (Republican) view that is at odds with science.

The market can play a role, for example the government can incentivize free markets in areas like renewable energy. As Klein explains it, deregulated capitalism is a "crisis machine."

Klein says that we have to go after the companies whose business model is driving climate change, she specifically advocates divestment from the fossil fuel industry. "Your business model is at war with the planet" Klein says. She talks about a youth led movement specifically one that works to advance divestment on university campuses.

While she advocates planning it is not the central planning endemic to socialist ideologies. She stresses the importance of community planning. While she believes that capitalism must be transformed she is also very critical of socialism.

Klein opposes unbridled free market conservatism that is driving the ecological crisis. Klein decries those powerful interests that are at odds with environmental stewardship and have no concern for the well being of people and societies.

She say that climate change is the most significant issue humanity has ever faced, we must get our heads around the threat and not allow outdated right wing ideologies to temper the scope of action.

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