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Event - International Water Summit (IWS)

The third International Water Summit (IWS 2015) will be held from 19-22 January, 2015 in Abu Dhabi at the National Exhibition Centre. This summit seeks to accelerate the commercialization of innovative water technologies.

The International Water Summit 2015 brings people together sharing knowledge and understanding, pursuing a vital cause, becoming a forum for leadership at the highest level and enabling lucrative opportunities and deals to take shape.

IWS is a unique global platform for promoting water sustainability in arid regions. IWS brings together world leaders, field experts, academia luminaries and business innovators to accelerate the development of new sustainable strategies and technologies.

IWS offers an opportunity to network and do business with global leaders, municipalities, utilities, contractors, consultants and top decision makers from the public and private sectors within the Middle East and around the globe.

IWS will continue to foster innovation, best practice and collaboration to offer tangible solutions to the pressing issue of water scarcity.

Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is a thriving economy that is heavily investing in water to meet its growing water demand, sustainably. Over USD300 billion will be invested in GCC water sustainability projects between the period of 2012 – 2022, presenting vast business opportunities to leading regional and global providers of cutting-edge water technologies.

The 3rd International Water Summit will be one of the centerpieces of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week. As such, it will be joining forces with the World Future Energy Summit as well as the 2nd edition of the EcoWASTE exhibition and a number of sustainability and energy initiatives, attracting the world’s attention and forming a unique platform of global expertise.

Promoting global collaboration to address water scarcity issues in arid regions in the GCC and beyond, IWS will comprise of a four-day conference, an international exhibition and a range of co-hosted features and activities that aim to maximise knowledge-sharing, networking and business opportunities.

Topics for discussion in 2015
  • Water governance and policy
  • Water conservation and future water sustainability
  • GCC Strategic water sector forecasting and project investment
  • Energy efficient and clean technology desalination
  • Integrated water resource management
  • Understanding the challenge of improving water re-use and performance
  • Use of water in industry to improve sustainability
  • Water network efficiencies and SMART water technologies
  • Used water treatment and micro treatment plants
  • Use of water in commercial buildings
  • The nexus of water and energy in food

Who should attend the Summit

Top CEOs, decision makers and professionals from the water industry

Keep up-to-date with the latest technological advances Network with suppliers, consumers, competitors and other key stakeholders within the changing water industry Seek out new business opportunities across a global platform

Venture capitalist / investors / financial institutions / entrepreneurs

Network with the companies developing technology and services to support water treatment solutions Identify investment opportunities and risks on a global level Get face-to-face with the expoerts in this field and debate the commercial issues

Government / NGOs / agencies represented by the Royalties, Head of States, Ministers & Policy Makers

Helping create a new global water hub that promotes policy, technological innovation, knowledge and best practice sharing and triggers investment for the region and beyond Examine the options and implications to solve the individual water challenges

Architects / contractors / engineers / developers / manufacturers International universities, students and faculties

Learn about the latest innovations and solutions in the water industry Meet face-to-face with the experts in the field

Media / editors-in-chief / reporters / journalists / camera crew / photographers

Cover the leading water event of the Middle East Report on different opnions of industry leaders on the world's hottest issues Gain real understanding of the subjects that are front-page headlines across all media

Reasons to Attend
  • Experience cutting-edge nation shaping water sustainability topics from international water industry thought leaders in an engaging and thought provoking event format
  • Interact and network during the panel discussions, workshops and debates to develop your industry linkage and gain insight into solutions to overcome the water challenges of arid regions
  • Gain new insight from the case study sessions to take away proven solutions to your water challenges to enable improvement in your practice and approach
  • Evaluate new technology solutions and cutting-edge scientific developments to assist you during your solution selection process for your water project
  • Identify the opportunities that the water energy nexus provides for industrial development and commercial expansion to enable your business to identify high potential investment segments
  • Meet prominent figures and decision makers from the global water industry in Abu Dhabi, ensure that you are involved in the key industry dialogue
  • Experience industry shaping contributions from IWS speaker faculty. Speaker highlights from 2014 included
  • Access the water, energy and waste exhibition halls to discover new solutions to existing processes to optimise your operations
  • Network with your peers, clients and potential employers during the receptions, coffee breaks or take a short cut and utilise our new business matchmaking programme to engage with new contacts!
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