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Event - Wind Turbine Optimization, Maintenance and Repair Summit

The first annual Wind Turbine Optimization, Maintenance and Repair Summit, will take place on 8th-9th December, 2014 at the Westin Prince in Toronto Canada.

For 5 consecutive years, the Wind Energy Operations and Maintenance Series has been the central meeting point for the North American and European wind industries, making it the only place for you to meet, network and do business with the key O&M individuals. It is now recognized as the Americas most reputable and rewarding commercial business forum. 

It is expected that 2015 will be the pivotal year where O&M will become a critical part of the Canadian market – and it will all start in Canada.The agenda for this summit has been heavily influenced by wind farm owners and operators and is tailored to help anyone who owns, part owners or operates turbines in Canada get more from their asset.

Until recently, turbine O&M has been in the shadows of project development in Canada. Now, a significant number of owners and operators are seeking advice, solutions, services and technology to address their challenges. Attend Canada's first commercial O&M specific event alongside 150+ professionals to ensure your business benefits from the opportunities available. Since 2009 over 2000 delegates, 400 companies, 90 exhibitors and sponsors, from 28 different countries have come together to develop winning O&M strategies, conduct important business and to cement their company's name in the growing industry. 

Key Learning Opportunities 

  • Canada’s market potential and how to successfully move business there – explore the real statistics behind operating wind farms in Canada and discover, with expert advice, how to move your business there 
  • Ensure Canadian turbine blades are working at full potential – listen to Germain Belanger, Collieno, Upwind Solutions and Global Lightening Protection Services give out information on inspections, repairs and optimization methods for optimum blade functionality 
  • Predicting and preventing failure of Canadian drivetrain – hear GDF Suez and AeroTorque talk about the means to reduce damages caused to gearboxes and how the latest prediction technology has worked on operational turbines 
  • Avoid unnecessary power loss when operating in cold climates – hear the TechnoCentre (Canada), VTT (Finland) and the world’s most advanced turbine manufacturers discuss and debate technologies and developments to combat the problems caused by icing 
  • Now that the first big wave of turbines are approaching the end of their initial warranties in Canada, now is the crucial time to meet the right contacts, employ the right strategy and make some serious profits for the year ahead

Topics at a glance

NAVIGATING COLD WEATHER CHALLENGES: Ensure maximized operation time for turbines during periods of extreme cold and snow using highly valued equipment and strategies

BLADE PROTECTION & REPAIR: Explore the latest advances on how to mitigate production losses resulting from icing, lightening and leading edge erosion

OPTIMIZATION: THE KEY TO POWER PRODUCTION INCREASES: Evaluate the different optimization strategies and technologies that will provide a real increase in power levels

WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT: Find, recruit and retain a competent team to perform only the best service for your organization

BUILD A STRONGER SUPPLY CHAIN: Devise a new supply chain plan to source parts at a reduced price without compromising on quality or longevity

GEARBOX, GENERATOR AND CONDITION MONITORING: Recognize ways to see premature wear, cracks and issues in your drivetrain and methods for fast repair so that the turbine stays operational for as long as possible

At the Wind Turbine Optimization, Maintenance and Repair Summit, you can expect:

  • 25+ expert speakers that will share only the latest and most innovative developments in the wind industry
  • 12+ hours of networking with top level executives from across the entire wind energy aftercare value chain with topic targeted networking coffee breaks
  • 6+ exhibitors in our networking hall allowing you to review the best and latest technology that will boost asset performance
  • 6 week access to the O&M online networking center prior to the event so you can fill your conference diary before you set foot in Toronto
  • Exclusive networking area and evening drinks reception: Meet the industry's most influential figures in an informal relaxed setting after the hustle and bustle of Conference Day 1

Why you need to attend the Wind Turbine OMR Summit

In 2013 Canadian renewable energy investment grew by 45% to reach C$6.5 billion - with this volume of capital flowing into the market, all players involved stand to make huge wins so long as they are engaged with the right companies at the right time Over 8,400 MW of wind power is in operation in Canada, across 4,683 turbines and 189 wind farms and that number is still growing. 6,000 megawatts of new wind energy capacity will become available in the next five years pushing O&M far higher up the priority list

Ontario and Quebec generate more wind energy than the other provinces. Another 4500 megawatts of wind energy is estimated to be produced by these two provinces in the next five years. Come to the load centre of operational turbines to carry out essential business

By 2025 the potential size of the O&M market is estimated at roughly US$6 billion annually - since 2009 WEU has represented operators that have collectively invested over US$65 billion on O&M expenditure, come and claim your share

Over the next few year, many wind farms will come to the end of their warranty period - at OMR 2014 you will get expert insight from an operational, OEM, insurance and financial perspective on end of warranty options to guide your strategy

Great mix of owners operators, 3rd parties and OEM's

What you can expect

The OMR Summit is targeted specifically at key executives and decision makers in the wind O&M industry - it is a select meeting point that offers exclusive and unrivalled networking opportunities for brokering the next big deal and forming long lasting partnerships.

Over the course of two days you will interact in technical talks, workshops, training sessions, lunches, parties, dinners and breakfasts, giving you the chance to spend time with the people that matter most in this exciting and growing industry. You are guaranteed to walk away with a stack of relationships and ideas that will drive your business forward over the next 12 months.

They spend months researching to bring the biggest and most influential names in industry together. Business intelligence is what we do and we make it our priority to deliver the most valuable business experience that you can get over two days.

Pre & Post Conference Association Meetings (Optional)

Meetings hosted by Canadian and International Associations - information to follow Operator Working Group Meetings

Closed door sessions for those that own and operate wind turbines only - technical meeting Pre-registration for delegates

Conference Day 1

1 Room 1:

Cold Climate:

  • Wind turbine operation optimization under icing and cold climate Cost effective access to turbines during winter months
  • Caribou Wind Park ice mitigation
  • State-of-the-art for ice detection
  • iced turbine load analysis
  • anti-icing and de-icing systems

Room 2:
  • O&M Market Evaluation and Cost Predictions:
  • Market Overview
  • Predicting Production and true O&M costs
  • End of Warranty Inspection
Room 1:
  • Blades & Rotor Hub: Blade Health Monitoring and Diagnostics using "From the Ground Inspection" Effective blade investigation, analysis and repair to achieve longer life expectance 
  • Verified Lightning Protection Performance - Using new standards and methods

Room 2:
  • Workforce & Supply Chain
  • H&S in all regions
  • Sourcing technical labor
  • Building a lean supply chain
  • Roundtable discussions & private networking meetings
  • Official Networking Party - Sponsor TBA

Entertainment drinks will be available to all conference participants to warm down the end of the day

Networking Dinner

Conference Day 2 

  • Gearbox, Generator and Condition Based Monitoring:
  • Reducing gearbox stresses
  • Effectiveness of CBM
  • Retrofit technology to extend lifetime of turbine

  • Wind turbine optimization:
  • Wind measurements - LiDAR, UltraSonic
  • Blade optimization measures
  • Drivetrain optimization

To register click here.

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