Friday, November 28, 2014

Patagonia Leading the Way with its Black Friday Promotions

Patagonia is a sustainability leader in every way including Black Friday promotions. Rather than just trying to move product, Patagonia is finding creative ways to allow others to have access to their gear. This not only benefits the environment by keeping their products out of landfills, it benefits people.

In 2013, Patagonia's Black Friday promotion asked its customers to give away the gear they no longer wear. This year their Black Friday promotion are allowing customers to trade-in their Patagonia apparel. Through a promotion called "Worn Wear Swaps," customers can swap their used gear for another item at eight US locations. Patagonia is also part of Yerdle, a sharing economy app that allows customers to trade in their apparel for Yerdle credits. As explained on Yerdle's Facebook page, "either love what you own, or pass it along to someone who will." Patagonia has also invested in Yerdle through its 20 Million and Change internal venture fund.

This is value driven marketing at its best. It not only bucks the trend of bottom basement pricing, it espouses a message which does not feed into rampant consumers.

This initiative, like so many Patagonia promotions, speak to values that are at the core of the company's business ethics. Kudos to Patagonia for once again showing the retail world how its done.

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