Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tool - Water Risk Monetizer

On Wednesday, November 5, Ecolab and Trucost introduced the Water Risk Monetizer, a first-of-its-kind tool that will help businesses assess water-related risks in financial terms and enable more informed decision making.

The information provided by this free tool can be used to help businesses around the world better understand water risks and the potential implications of water scarcity for a particular facility.

This tool provides a risk-adjusted value for water. It is designed to help businesses make informed operational decisions regarding water-related risks.

The Water Risk Monetizer (www.WaterRiskMonetizer.com) provides actionable data pertaining to water scarcity.

Water scarcity is a constraint to growth for businesses around the world. Insufficient access to clean water can significantly disrupt operations, increase costs and curtail growth. Failure to manage water-related risks can result in reduced revenues, higher operating costs, stranded assets and lower investor confidence that can restrict access to capital, or result in higher financing rates or higher insurance premiums. Despite real and future risks, water is significantly undervalued.

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