Saturday, November 1, 2014

Video - Climate Change: The Disease and the Cure

Our unrelenting use of fossil fuels is pushing us dangerously close to the tipping point in the world’s climate system. A set of positive feedbacks in the climate systems are pushing us forward on a perilous trajectory. Examples include the Albedo Effect, water vapour from evaporation, both land and sea go from being carbon sinks to being sources of carbon. less absorption of CO2 in the sea and on land. Plankton, ocean waters and terrestrial plants absorb less CO2 and microorganisms emit more. Forests will dry up and burn more easily adding additional carbon.

As the planet warms it will melt and release as much as 10 trillion tons that is locked in the permafrost. This will cause us to overshoot the internationally agreed upon upper threshold temperature limit of 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. If we go beyond this point we may trigger tipping points that may catapult us as much as 6 degrees over current temperatures. This would augur a mass extinction.

If left unchecked climate change will lead to widespread conflict over dwindling resources. There will be huge numbers of climate refugees who desperately forage for water and sustenance. Rather than wait for this apocalyptic future to unfold we must act now while there is still time to avert catastrophe.

The solution is not a mystery, we must significantly reduce global emissions. However, to do so we will have to expose the insanity of prioritizing short term economic growth over the prospect of a viable future.

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