Saturday, November 15, 2014

Video - Koch Brothers Climate and Energy Lies

This video covers some of lies perpetuated by the oil billionaires Charles and David Koch. They have managed to spread climate confusion in America and elsewhere even though global warming is the most studied phenomenon in the history of science. The scientific veracity of anthropogenic climate change is irrefutable. Nonetheless, a small group of very powerful oil interests led by the Koch brothers has managed to influence public opinion. They want to misinform the public to avoid regulations that would limit the production of fossil fuels and hamper their accumulation of wealth. The science clearly shows that emissions from fossil fuels are the leading driver of climate change. The woeful ignorance of many Americans is due to a steady stream of lies from pseudo-scientific think tanks funded by the Koch brothers. These two climate destroying villains have poured $67 million into efforts to deny climate change.

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