Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Volkswagen Golf SportWagen HyMotion: Green Star at the LA Auto Show

The vehicle previously known as the Jetta SportWagen has a new name for 2015 it is now called the Volkswagen Golf SportWagen. What makes this wagon so revolutionary is that in addition to gasoline, diesel, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery-electric, natural gas, it now includes a hydrogen power option. The wagon's ability to accommodate a hydrogen fuel cell is a demonstration of the flexibility of "MQB" modular architecture.

The new vehicle known as the Volkswagen Golf SportWagen HyMotion was debuted at the LA Auto Show.

Fuel is drawn from four slim carbon-fiber hydrogen tanks, two are located under the rear seat and another two beneath the load bay. This configuration of fuel tanks offers the same cargo volume and seating capacity as the conventionally powered versions.

The fuel cell produces electricity that powers a 100-kilowatt (134-horsepower) front wheel drive electric motor. For high power demands and to help start the fuel cell, a 1.1-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery adapted from that used in the VW Jetta Hybrid is located above the rear axle. It's continually recharged via regenerative braking.

Its modest performance (it accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 10 seconds) are eclipsed by its range which is up to 500 km (310 miles) and its refueling time of roughly 3 minutes.

The hydrogen Golf concept, is unlikely to hit showroom floors any time soon. However, Volkswagen says, "the SportWagen HyMotion shows how fuel cells could be integrated into a well-engineered, usable, and attractively priced vehicle."

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