Sunday, November 16, 2014

Webinar - Intelligent Energy Systems

This one hour webinar will take place on November, 19th, 2014 at 2 pm. One of the most significant trends in commercial building management today is the use of technology to continually monitor and adjust building systems to optimize performance. The benefits of intelligent energy systems are numerous – energy savings, access to real-time data to optimize building performance, cost savings, reduced emissions and occupant comfort. This webinar will discuss advances in M2M technology and how it is being deployed today in buildings and beyond - helping to create smart cities. It will also focus on lighting and how today's advancements in lighting controls form an important component of a building’s intelligent energy system.


Leo O’Loughlin, P.E., Senior Vice President, Energy and Sustainability Services, JLL

Leo O’Loughlin is a Senior Vice President in Jones Lang LaSalle’s Energy and Sustainability Services group. In this role, he is responsible for advising clients on energy and sustainability strategies for optimal management of their real estate portfolios. Based in San Diego, Mr. O’Loughlin helps clients successfully incorporate energy and sustainability concepts into operations and project management, reducing energy consumption, utility expense and carbon emissions. Mr. O’Loughlin is also responsible for leading Jones Lang LaSalle’s smart building solution, IntelliCommand.

Mr. O’Loughlin has 20 years of direct experience in providing energy solutions to large-scale users. For 10 years prior to joining Jones Lang LaSalle he held positions including Director of Business Development at Sempra Energy and Veolia Energy in San Diego. His responsibilities included all business development and customer retention in the western U.S., including drafting and renegotiating long-term energy services contracts and agreements. He also was responsible for creating commercial and financial structures that facilitated energy efficiency and outsourcing programs for customers throughout the country.

Mr. O’Loughlin is skilled at creating and analysing project structures for energy efficiency, central utility plant and energy services outsourcing programs. He is experienced at managing the multi-disciplinary development of greenfield energy infrastructure assets and retrofit projects. He has also developed renewable energy projects (biomass, biogas, solar) for both private customers and for utility scale applications.

Michael C Skurla, Sr. Market Manager, Global Systems, Royal Philips

Michael C. Skurla is the Marketing Manager for the systems platform products for Royal Dutch Philips. Based in the U.S., Mike is responsible for integrating and developing platform technologies between Philips and partners’ products to allow a simple yet comprehensive fixture control solution to markets. With a B.S. in software development and strong background in electronic design, Michael has spent 20 years in commercial and entertainment lighting including roles in system design, commissioning, product development, programming, and sales. He has managed the design/development of several network, dimming, power management, and power control products available in North American, European, and Asian markets. He has a strong background in system integration and embedded communications design pertaining to high voltage distribution systems.

Kelly Reiser, Senior Technology Officer, Pacific Controls, Inc.

Serving as a member of the senior management team at Pacific Controls, Kelly is tasked with responsibility around technical and business development. As a member of the initial team starting US business operations for Pacific Controls, Kelly has played a key role in the implementation of several successful major systems projects. Through the deployments and implementation of these solutions typical energy savings of 15% or more and ROI’s of 2 years are less have commonly been achieved.

Servicing for over 25 years in the automation field, Kelly has vast experience in the technology, design and implementation of major control projects. Having served in senior roles in both service and operations management Kelly brings a scope of knowledge and experience on all variety of topics related to the efficient operation of facilities of all types.

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