Monday, December 1, 2014

Event - Flood Defense and Prevention Expo

This free event will take place on December 4-5, 2014 in London, UK. Flood Defense & Prevention Expo presents solutions to widespread flooding problems from the UK’s leading flood prevention companies, alongside an extensive seminar and workshop schedule highlighting new, cost-effective ways to prevent and manage floods. This expo will present the latest research, products and solutions on the marketplace to help minimize – or even better, entirely avoid – the risk of potential flooding.

Speakers and Subjects

Cllr John Osman: The Somerset Flooding Crisis The effect of flooding in Somerset and the recovery effort.

Tereza Jacinova: Introduction of Innovative Testing Facility of Flood Protection Systems. The new-built testing facility of flood protection systems.

Alberto Scotti: Venice Lagoon Flood Protection. From Mobile Barriers To An Integrated Engineering Project Mastermind behind Venice's MOSES project.

Kylie Russell: Climate Ready, Environment Agency How Environment Agency`s Climate Ready Service is working to increase businesses resilience.

Mary Dhonau: What is it like to Flood? How to prepare? How to plan, prepare, mitigate and become resilient to being flooded. 

Steve Hamm: Flood Resilience - A Working Partnership - Successful collaboration between the public and commercial sector.

Mark Burgess Flood Resilience: A Working Partnership - Successful collaboration between the public and commercial sector.

Richard Ashley: The English Government's Failure To Take Flooding Seriously And What We Need To Do (structures, processes and resources).

Katherine Pygott: Future Investment for Flood Risk Management in Britain as identified by the IPCC.

Richard Balfry: Health & Safety Issues, On, Over And Under Water Occupational Health issues when dealing with water.

Alexis Smith: Helping The Community - A Fresh Approach To Flood Prevention.

Allan Rogers: Broadlands Flood Alleviation And Maintenance A Long Term Partnership. The benefits and success of procuring flood alleviation schemes.

Robert Cunningham: Nature - Friend Or Foe For Communities At Flood Risk? Behind the headlines and our inability to plan positively for change.

Jim Barrack: Review Of Flooding In The UK Major occurrences of fluvial, coastal and surface water floods

Nick Jarritt: Delivering Multiple Benefits Through 'Natural Water Retention Measures' Examples of best practice and barriers.

Frank Kelly: Flood Defence - A Planning Thought Not An Afterthought! How disruption can be minimised and costs reduced.

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