Sunday, December 21, 2014

Event - Solar Power and Japan's Exhibits at the WFES

At the eight annual Word Future Energy Summit (WFES) on January 17 - 24, 2015 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Japan will host a number of fascinating exhibits on solar energy including JAXA's Space Solar Power Systems.

WFES is one of a number of events that comprise Sustainability Week (ADSW), the largest gathering on sustainability in the Middle East, attracting global policy makers, industry thought-leaders and clean technology innovators together with 32,000 delegates and visitors from more than 170 countries.

ADSW offers a private sector approach to tackling complex, interconnected sustainability challenges affecting energy, water and sustainable development. ADSW comprises the World Future Energy Summit, International Water Summit and EcoWASTE, as well as the general assembly of the International Renewable Energy Agency. This Masdar – hosted annual event will also feature the Zayed Future Energy Prize (ZFEP).

Seventeen companies and organizations for WFES 2015 and 2 companies and organizations for IWS 2015 will take part as partners of the Japan pavilion located near Halls 8 & 9. At the Japan pavilion, there will be symbolic exhibits under the theme of “Solar Power Energy.”

Japan's solar exhibits are highly relevant given the rapid expansion of solar capacity around the world and in MENA countries which have committed to install up to 37 gigawatts of renewable energy projects within the next 10 years. With solar power becoming cost competitive with traditional energy sources, solar energy will figure prominently on the WFES 2015 agenda. Industry participants will benefit from panels focused on ways to operate and optimize different types of solar facilities, as well as how to access development capital through innovative business models, partnerships and new sources of finance. Panels will feature speakers from such industry-leading companies as SunEdison, FirstSolar, SkyPower, Sunpower and Bright Source Energy.

Japan's exhibition area will introduce SSPS (Space Solar Power Systems) studied and developed by JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) under a support from METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).

SSPS is a space-based solar power plant that generates energy by collecting sunlight in geostationary orbit. The energy is then transmitted to the ground in the form of microwaves or laser beams, and converted into electricity and hydrogen for practical use.

In addition to this exhibit, the pavilion will also showcase a H-IIA launch vehicle model (1/33 scale), one of the Japan’s flagship launch vehicles.

Together with SSPS, the Japan pavilion will be introducing a propositional exhibit, a future environmental island, Green Float which utilizes the energy transmitted by SSPS. Green Float is a city in the sky that floats on the water rising 700-1,000m above the equator where temperatures are stable at 26-28°C year-round and the impact of typhoon is minimal.

Energy distribution system that uses direct current. (zero loss in DC-AC conversion ) Seawater desalination plant that makes fountain of fresh water above the ocean. Captures surrounding CO2 with CCS (Carbon dioxide capture and storage) system

There will be authorities from both exhibiting companies and organizations to explain the technologies and welcome visitors in the exhibition area.

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