Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 was the Most Important Year Ever for the Environment and Climate Action (Video)

This was a landmark year for the environmental movement and efforts to combat climate change. The COP21 deal, Pope Francis' environmental encyclical, serious action from a wide swath of business leaders, investors and governments made 2015 a year that will be remembered by history as a turning point for environmental action and efforts to combat climate change.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

COP21 Deal Signals the End of Fossil Fuels and the Beginning of an Era of Unprecedented Growth for Renewables

The Paris climate deal erases any doubt that fossil fuels will be replaced by renewable energy. Even before the start of COP21, the world had already begun to accept that the end of fossil fuels and the dawn of a low carbon economy powered by renewables. We now have the political will, investment dollars and technological innovation required to drive the transition from fossil fuels to renewables.

In an interview taped for CBS' Face the Nation, John Kerry called the climate pact "a breakaway agreement" that will change how countries make decisions and "spur massive investment." We have already seen how reduced demand and increased supply have resulted in a glut of oil pushing prices to around $36 a barrel. Oil prices have not been this low in more than five years.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Market Reaction to COP21 Deal: Fossil Fuels Crash while Renewables Soar

As predicted renewable energy stocks soared while fossil fuel holding have continued their slide after the announcement of the COP21 agreement. At the Paris climate summit a total of 195 countries effectively agreed to end fossil fuels and transition to renewable energy. This worsens an already grim forecast for fossil fuels and improves the prospects for even more growth in renewables. While clean energy is the clear winner fossil fuels are the clear loser post Paris. Due to the deal that was struck at COP21, the fossil fuel industry is facing a $33 trillion hit to its expected revenues over the next 20 years.

While it has long been known that fossil fuels are the leading cause of both pollution and climate change, it is now unavoidably obvious that petrochemicals are also a bad investment. Conversely renewable energy is both good for the environment and a tremendous investment opportunity.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Event - GRC Annual Meeting & GEA Geothermal Energy Expo

This event will start on Thursday, October 20, 2016 8:00 AM and run until Sunday, October 23, 2016 5:00 PM. It will take place at the Sacramento Convention Center, in Sacramento, CA, United States.

This is the premier gathering to learn about the latest developments in geothermal energy. Last year, the GRC Annual Meeting & GEA Expo hosted over 1,200 attendees from 25 different countries. The GRC Annual Meeting will offer technical, policy, and market conference sessions, educational seminars, tours of local geothermal and renewable energy projects, and numerous networking opportunities.

Event - Environmental Leader 2016 Conference

This event takes place on June 21-23, 2016 at the Hyatt Place Denver Tech Center, 7800 East Tufts Avenue, Denver, Colorado, USA, 80237. This conference is brought to you by Business Sector Media & Environmental Leader, whose websites, newsletters, reports and webinars have kept executives informed on environmental, sustainability and energy management trends, tools, insights and metrics for 10 years.. Sourcing contacts, knowledge, experience and content from more than 300+ worldwide contributors, from every industry, this is a cutting-edge, must attend 2016 face-to-face opportunity.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Fossil Fuel Subsidies and Renewable Energy Post COP21 (Infographic)

One of the most important things we can do to curb climate change is to end fossil fuel subsidies.  This would reduce the amount of fossil fuels burned and it would level the playing field for clean renewable sources of energy. Event thought 60 percent of all new investment is going into renewable energy fossil fuels still get the lions share of subsidies. The International Energy Agency (IEA) say that government subsidies for fossil fuels are 12 times greater than those for renewable energy.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Record Heat Dominates Christmas Weather

Record breaking heat and the absence of snow will make this a Christmas to remember in the eastern portion of North America. Cities from Florida all the way up to Canada are expected to shatter heat records on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. In many places temperatures will exceed 70 - 80 degrees Fahrenheit which is 30-40 degrees above normal.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Saudi Arabia is on the COP21 Naughty List

Saudi Arabia continued to block climate action at the Paris climate talks. The COP21 negotiations were marked by opposition from oil-producing states like Russia and Venezuela, but no country was more focused on trying to scuttle the talks than Saudi Arabia. By resisting carbon caps, periodic reviews, the 1.5C target, and full decarbonization by 2050, Saudi Arabia was accused of trying to "sabotage" the climate deal. Saudi Arabia has 18 percent of the world petroleum reserves is the the earth's tenth largest polluter. The nation has been the world's largest producer of crude oil until it was overtaken by the US in 2015. Saudi Arabia's economy is heavily dependent on fossil fuels and it uses its oil wealth to power its electricity grid.

"They are seeing the writing on the wall," environmental activist Wael Hmaidan told the Guardian, adding, "The world is changing and it’s making them very nervous. Anything that would increase ambition or fast forward this energy transition that is already taking place is something that they try to block," Hmaidan said.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

COP21 Naughty List: Republicans Presidential Contenders

Republicans vying for the presidential nomination have all opposed the COP21 climate accord. Republicans have a well earned reputation for denying the veracity of climate change and opposing anything with a "clean" prefix (energy air and water). The GOP did all it could to undermine the COP21 climate agreement.

Republicans advanced two motions to kill the clean power plan. However, President Obama swiftly pocket vetoed the motions. The Republican's anti-science climate stance would be comical if it did not come with such grave implications for US climate action.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Republican Attempt to Kill the Clean Power Plan Vetoed

As expected President Obama vetoed Republican attempts to dismantle his administration's efforts to combat air pollution and climate change. The vetoes came only one week after the signing of the COP21 climate agreement in Paris. The President played a crucial role in the signing of the deal and despite their best efforts Republicans failed to undermine the agreement.

"Many of the key signatories of this deal, the architects of this deal, come from centre-right governments. Even the far-right parties in many of these countries, they may not like immigrants for example, but they admit, Yeah the science tells us we’ve got to do something about climate change," President Obama said.

Climate and Clean Energy in the Third Democratic Presidential Debate

Watching the third Democratic debate, the conspicuous absence of any questions on climate change could have led viewers to think they had tuned into a Republican debate. Although not a single question was asked about climate change, which is startling given the fact that the debate comes only a week after the COP21 agreement was announced, Sanders and O'Malley did manage to briefly mention climate change and clean energy. Clinton conspicuously ignored the topic altogether. She may think this is a good way to win over Republicans who are disillusioned with front running GOP candidate Donald Trump. However it is also a great way to alienate her base.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Event - Ceres Conference 2016: Business Not as Usual: Sustainability in an Age of Disruption

Ceres Conference 2016 will take place on May 4-5, 2016 in Boston, MA. This long-standing conference covers general trends and opportunities in sustainable business. Each year the Ceres Conference brings together more than 600 corporate sustainability leaders, the country’s largest institutional investors, and leading social and environmental advocates to mobilize action on the world’s most significant sustainability challenges.

Event - Earth Day Food & Wine: Grown for the Greater Good

This event will take place on April 22-24, 2016 at Castoro Cellars, 1315 North Bethel Rd., Templeton, CA 93465. The 10th Annual Earth Day Food & Wine Weekend celebrates the Central Coast’s sustainable food and wine culture, highlighting a green lifestyle attractive to local and urban visitors. While there is a level of sophistication, visitors regularly compliment the event’s approachable and authentic atmosphere.

Earth Day Food & Wine was the first event to provide an opportunity for guests to connect directly with local farmers, winemakers, and chefs in this unique format.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

The COP21 Climate Deal and the Crucial Role of Obama's Leadership (Video)

Under the leadership of President Barack Obama the US played a salient role in securing an agreement at the recent COP21 climate talks in Paris. History will record that the US President was a pivotal figure who helping to craft a positive outcome at the Paris negotiations.

Climate and Environment in President Obama's Year-End Press Conference (Video)

At a year-end press conference on December 18th, President Obama remarked on progress on a number of fronts job growth, health care, terror, Iran, Syria and of course climate change. The President said he's "never been more optimistic about a year ahead," while also pledging to address unfinished business in his last year as president. Here are some of the climate and environmental highlights of his achievements over the past year:

Friday, December 18, 2015

US Energy Efficiency Standards to Prevent 3 Gigatons of GHGs by 2030

A new Energy Department efficiency standard is helping President Obama to live up to his emissions reduction pledge at COP21 and make fighting climate change the priority issue for the remainder of his term. The amended energy conservation standards, developed in consort with industry, labour groups and environmentalists, are the most robust rules to date from the DoE. The new standards apply to heating and cooling which are responsible for more than ten percent of all the commercial space energy.

The new rules for commercial air conditioners and furnaces will translate into $167 billion in saved costs for businesses and 15 quadrillion (quads) British thermal units (BTUs). Perhaps most importantly the standard will prevent almost a gigatons (885 million tons) of carbon dioxide from being emitted into the atmosphere.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Republican's Failed Attempts to Undermine the COP21 Climate Agreement

Republicans in Congress did what they could to scuttle a climate deal at COP21. Just as Republicans are expert in sewing doubt about the scientific veracity of climate change they tried to cast doubt on US support for a climate agreement at COP21. Republican committee chairs held hearings and they tried to undermine the work of government scientific agencies.

Republicans also used their control over the purse strings to try to stop the US from contributing to the Green Climate Fund. They even threatened to shut down government by refusing to pass a spending bill.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Deadly Decreases in Oxygen from Climate Change

A new even more devastating corollary of climate change has been discovered. The impacts of climate change are diverse ranging from sea level rise to extreme weather. Now we can add oxygen depletion to that list. While we can avoid flooding from rising seas, we can even escape many forms of extreme weather, however, oxygen depletion is a global phenomenon that would kill millions.

According to research published in the journal Bulletin of Mathematical Biology from the University of Leicester in the UK, rising ocean temperatures could cause the Earth's oxygen levels to fall dramatically. This could cause kill massive numbers of people and animals. The research is titled Mathematical Modeling of Plankton-Oxygen Dynamics Under the Climate Change, and it was conducted by researchers Yadigar Sekerci and Sergei Petrovskii.

Environment and Climate in the Republican Spending Bill: Oil Exports in Exchange for Clean Energy, Air, Water, and Green Climate Funding

Democrats made a deal with the devil that saw them offer support for oil exports in exchange for Republican support for renewable energy, clean air and water and assistance to poorer nations to help them manage climate change.

The $1.1 trillion spending bill unveiled on Wednesday December 16, will keep most of the federal government funded through September, however, it includes many policy instructions also known as riders.

Lifting a ban on exporting crude oil is a trade-off by Democrats to secure extensions of green energy tax incentives for wind and solar. Democrats also made the deal to stave off Republican efforts to stymie the EPA's clean power plan and curtail the EPA's expanded clean water regulations.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Unpacking the COP21 Paris Climate Agreement (Infographic)

There is a lot of information in the 31 page climate agreement reached at COP21 in Paris. Here is an infographic from Climate Tracker that helps to unpack some of the more salient items in the historic deal. The highlights of the key topics include temperature increase limits, human rights, ambition mechanism, implementation and adaptation, finance, transparency and accountability,  mitigation, loss damage, and reviews.

Monday, December 14, 2015

The COP21 Agreement is a Momentous Leap Forward

The agreement signed in Paris is the most significant achievement in the history of climate action.. The world has come together to agree on a  31-page deal that lays a solid foundation for serious climate action. The signing of the Paris accord signals the start of globally coordinated efforts to reign-in climate change. History will record that the deal was signed at the 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21) on December 12, 2015.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Event - The 2016 Ashoka U Exchange Conference

This event will take place on February 26-28, 2016 Tulane University, New Orleans, LA. This is a participant-driven conference for higher education leaders to advance social innovation on campus.

The Ashoka U Exchange is the world’s largest convening for social entrepreneurship in higher education, it brings together 650 university faculty, staff, and administrators representing 150 institutions to share new ways of teaching and learning that will shape the way educational institutions influence the world.

Event - 2016 International Corporate Citizenship Conference

This event will take place on March 20-22, 2016 in Atlanta, GA. This is an exclusive event for corporate citizenship practitioners and industry leaders. Effective corporate citizenship is about making a better world—a better world in which to do business, and a better world in which to live. This has always been difficult and important work—and now—in an increasingly complex world with growing challenges—it can seem especially so. Global issues like climate change, data security, and health and wellness impact even our smallest communities. Efforts made at the local level can go a long way in achieving global progress.

Event - 2016 GreenBiz Forum

The eighth annual GreenBiz Forum will take place on February 23-25, 2016 in Scottsdale, Arizona at the Camelback Marriott Resort. This event is presented in partnership with The Sustainability Consortium and The Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives, a unit of the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability at Arizona State University. This event will explore the trends, challenges, and opportunities in sustainable business.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Being Hopeful About the COP21 Climate Deal (Video)

After more than 12 days of negotiations, a final draft climate deal text was unveiled at COP21 in Paris. This most recent draft took more than 20 years and it is expected that it will be signed this afternoon. The deal was aided by strong leadership from nations like Canada and the US.

In the thick of the negotiations last week US Secretary of State John Kerry told world leaders that the United States wants to get even more ambitious over the next couple days.

Kerry said that the US has joined the "High Ambition Coalition," in calling for a robust deal. The US also doubled its financial contributions to vulnerable countries impacted by climate change ($861 million is being contributed by the US by 2020).

Breaking: We Have a Final Draft Climate Agreement at COP21

Sixteen hours after the scheduled conclusion of the COP21 climate talks an agreement on the final draft of the document has been reached. The language in this draft has been more than twenty years in the making and over the course of the last two weeks negotiators have succeeded in hammering out the final wording.

After being translated into the UN's six official languages, the draft was presented to ministers at 5:30 eastern time (10:30 GMT).

Compromise has helped to forge real progress on a range of issues including the important question differentiation. This involves different demands being put on different countries, which boils down to disagreements between rich and poor nations. Another sticking point that appears to have been overcome is unified reporting mechanisms. The US wants uniformity while nations like China and India want a different type of oversight.

Friday, December 11, 2015

As We Near the End of COP21 People are Demanding Climate Action

As COP21 is in its final hours people around the world are waiting with baited breath for the signing of an ambitious agreement. The people have spoken, they want change and they are demanding that their political leaderships deliver.

As reported by Climate Reality Project, on December 10, the day before the scheduled conclusion of COP21, civil society leaders delivered the names of more than 6 million people to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Our Future can be Powered Entirely by Solar Energy (Infographic)

There have been a growing number of studies which indicate that we can meet all of our energy needs with renewable energy and at least one indicates that solar energy alone can provide all the power we need. Renewable energy is critical to our efforts to transition away from fossil fuels which are the primary cause of climate change.

"We believe that with the right level of policy support, the world can deliver 100% renewable energy for all by 2050." said Emily Rochon, global energy strategist at Greenpeace International. 

Optimism at COP21 Despite Disagreements on the Meaning of Differentiated Responsibilities

Hope for a climate deal is alive and well at COP21 despite different interpretations of common but differentiated responsibilities. As we approach the finish line for COP21 there have been a number of positive developments, however obstacles remain before a final deal is signed.

One of the most promising features of the first week of negotiations is the fact that a majority of those present (106 of 195) indicated their support for an upper warming threshold limit of 1.5 degrees Celsius as opposed to 2 degrees Celsius.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Canadian Leadership at COP21

The new Liberal government breathes life into Canada's involvement with international climate negotiations. Under the newly elected federal Liberal party Canada has done a 180 on climate action. In a radical departure from the previous Conservative government led by Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau's Liberal party are assuming a leadership role on climate change. This new approach is evident at the COP21 climate talks that are about to conclude in Paris.

At the swearing in ceremony prior to the start of COP21 Trudeau said that “Canada is going to be a strong and positive actor on the world stage, including in Paris at COP21...that’s why we have a very strong minister — not just of the environment, but minister of the environment and climate change — who will be at the heart of this discussion.” The new Prime Minister clearly indicated that Canada will "do its part" to prevent catastrophic warming.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

COP21 Compact of States and Regions Pledges Emissions Reductions Equivalent to China's Annual Output

A number of state and regional governments have come together and pledged bold climate action at COP21. Together these states and regions have agreed to reduce their emissions output 12.4 GtC02e by 2030. To put that number into perspective that is equivalent to China's current annual emissions output. The Compact currently has the support of 44 states and regions together representing 325 million people and over US$10.5 trillion in GDP – which is one eighth of the global economy.

The Compact of States and Regions was announced at the UN Climate Summit in New York in 2014. It is the first ever single, global account of greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets made by state and regional governments. the Compact is supported by the UN and is a partnership between The Climate Group, CDP, R20 and nrg4SD.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Be Part of History: Help Make COP21 a Success

As we head into the final stretch of the COP21 climate talks taking place in Paris we need to continue to put pressure on world leaders to realize the long awaited dream of a global climate agreement. The goal is in sight and we must keep working to make sure that we get an agreement.

As evidenced by the Global Climate March on the weekend of November 28th and 29th, the world is calling for climate action. There were more than 2000 events in about 100 countries in support of a positive outcome at COP21. From Melbourne to Tokyo and Manila to Los Angeles people demanded that world leaders craft a pact which will keep Earth from overheating.

Event - Watch the Sustainable Innovation Forum (COP21)

Watch a live stream of Climate Action and UNEP's Sustainable Innovation Forum, taking place on the 7th and 8th of December.

Over 75 leading speakers including Ministers, Mayors and global CEOs will discuss innovation and the green economy, commencing at 8.30am CET. Click here to download the full agenda.

Click here to Watch Live

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Event - Inclusive Green Growth Partnership Signing Ceremony

The launch of a new global partnership designed to boost green growth financing will take place on Monday, December 7, 2015, 15:30 - 18:30, at the Korea Pavilion, UN Blue Zone, COP21 Paris, France.  Inclusive Green Growth Partnership will expand opportunities for developing countries to obtain financing for low-carbon, sustainable, and climate-resilient projects.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Guide to COP21 and Clean Energy Solutions from 24 Hours of Reality and Live Earth (Video)

A special two-hour presentation of 24 Hours of Reality and Live Earth: The World Is Watching has been created in support of efforts to secure a global climate agreement at COP21 in Paris. This presentation is both a field guide to the conference and clean energy solutions.

In this presentation former US Vice President Al Gore, musicians (Fall Out Boy, Elton John, and Florence and the Machine and many others), citizen innovators and influencers explore the implications of COP 21 and the global shift to clean energy.

Al Gore Says COP21 Will be a Turning Point in Global Policy (Video)

Nobel laureate and former US Vice President Al Gore said that he expects the United Nations climate change conference (COP21) will be a turning point in global policy. Gore made these remarks last spring at Austin's annual South by Southwest festival.

“We heard a lot of ‘no’s’ in the struggle to give women the right to vote; we heard a lot of ‘no’s’ in the Civil Rights movement and the abolition movement before it, and the struggle for LGBT rights,” Gore said. “But eventually there comes a ‘yes.’ There will be a ‘yes’ in Paris.”

Friday, December 4, 2015

Throne Speech Reiterates Canada's Commitment to Climate Action

In his first throne speech, the newly elected Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau reiterated his campaign promises, including his government's commitment to combating climate change. Last month when Trudeau shared his mandate letters he indicated that he would provide more details in this throne speech. The speech outlined the PMO's priorities for the coming session of parliament, it referred to an approach that was, "smart, and caring—on a scale as never before." While the speech confirms that Trudeau is serious about fulfilling his campaign promises, it did not offer much detail.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Renewables are Unstoppable: Prodigious Growth and Even Better Forecasts

Renewable energy has been steadily growing and future projections are nothing short of meteoric. While renewables are already doing well they can be expected to grow at a far faster pace going forward. A positive outcome at the ongoing COP21 climate negotiations in Paris will radically accelerate the deployment of renewables by increasing long-term policy vision and predictability.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

COP21 and Stranded Fossil Fuel Assets

As the world pursues a global climate deal at COP21 in Paris a new report suggests more than 2 trillion worth of fossil fuel projects are at risk of being stranded. If we are to seriously attempt to keep warming below the internationally agreed upon 2 degree Celsius upper threshold limit, vast amounts of fossil fuel assets cannot be extracted and burned. As reported by the Guardian, the thinktank Carbon Tracker has produced a study which indicates that $2.2 trillion worth of projects are at risk as the market for fossil fuels shrinks.

Here are the top four countries at risk from stranded fossil fuel assets:

COP21 History and Guides

More than two decades have passed since the first Conference of the Parties (COP) meeting on climate change. There is a long history and a more than a bit of complexity associated with these climate negotiations. Despite outstanding issues that have yet to be resolved it is expected that this is the year when we will finally secure a global climate agreement. Here are some resources that help explain and contextualize the momentous history unfolding in Paris.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Science of Climate Change - Environment Canada Report

Here are some excerpts from the presentation given to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the provincial Premiers at the recent summit on the eve of their departure for COP21 in Paris.

The report says that the evidence for anthropogenic warming is "unequivocal" and it suggests that Canada is already "warmer, wetter and stormier." The impacts of climate change are to be found in droughts, wildfires, and storm surges. Even more troubling is the melting of Arctic permafrost. Unchecked climate change will wreak havoc on forests, agriculture, ecosystems, and water.

Here are the five key messages contained in the report:
  1. Warming over the 20th century is indisputable and largely due to human activities.
  2. Canada’s rate of warming is about twice the global rate: a 2ºC increase globally means a 3 to 4ºC increase for Canada.

COP21 Starts With Pledges of Action from World Leaders

On Monday November 29th more than 190 countries led by 150 heads of state took part in the start of the most important climate talks in history. Prior to the opening of the climate summit more than 4000 companies, cities, regions and investors have already committed to set emission reduction goals.

On the weekend before the commencement of COP21 we saw one of the biggest climate mobilizations ever in history. In total over 785,000 people marched last weekend in over 2,000 places around the world as part of the Global Climate March.

Monday, November 30, 2015

President Obama's Address at the Opening Session of COP21

In a passionate plea for climate action at the opening session of COP21, US President Barack Obama called on world leaders and delegates to resolve their differences and deliver a global agreement. 

Here is the full text of Obama's speech, courtesy of the White House:

President Hollande, Mr. Secretary General, fellow leaders. We have come to Paris to show our resolve.

We offer our condolences to the people of France for the barbaric attacks on this beautiful city. We stand united in solidarity not only to deliver justice to the terrorist network responsible for those attacks but to protect our people and uphold the enduring values that keep us strong and keep us free. And we salute the people of Paris for insisting this crucial conference go on -- an act of defiance that proves nothing will deter us from building the future we want for our children. What greater rejection of those who would tear down our world than marshaling our best efforts to save it?

COP21 is an Unprecedented Turning Point

On November 30th, the world will come together in Paris for the start of the most important climate talks ever. After more than two decades of negotiations, the expectations are high and global leaders appear to be ready to sign a comprehensive climate deal that will spur unprecedented emissions reductions.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Event - The 2016 AIPH International Green City Conference

This event takes place in Vancouver from 14 – 18 March 2016. The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) invites all those with an interest in improving cities to experience the fusion of green and urban at the 2016 AIPH International Green City Conference and Tours.

Organised by the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA) and AIPH, the event gives delegates a chance to see innovations in urban green infrastructure and planning on a global scale.

Event - The Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF15)

The Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF15) will take place on December 7 - 8, 2015 at the Stade de France (gate E) in Paris. This is the largest business focused event at COP21. Building on year-round work from Climate Action and the UN Environment Programme, the 2 day Forum will convene cross-sector participants from business, Government, finance, UN, NGO and civil society to create an unparalleled opportunity to bolster business innovation and bring scale to the emerging green economy.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Everything You Need to Know About COP21 (Video)

COP21 will commence on Monday November 30 and conclude on December 11. These discussions will take place in Paris and they will be joined by representatives of more than 190 nations. It is by far the most important round of climate talks and perhaps the most important global discussion in human history. It is widely believed that after more than 20 years of negotiations this is the year that world leaders will finally succeed in securing a global climate agreement.

Tell World Leaders that we Want Bold Climate Action at COP21 (Video)

The COP21 climate talks are scheduled to commence on Monday November 30 offers us our last best hope of reigning in climate change.

Before these talks conclude on December 11, world leaders must hammer out a global climate agreement that will radically reduce the emissions that cause climate change.

Tell world leaders that you want bold global action.

Send a message by using the hashtag #EarthToParis

COP21: March4Me (Video)

Following the tragic attacks on November 13, mass marches and demonstrations around the COP21 climate summit in Paris have been prohibited by the French authorities. But everywhere around the world, mobilisation for our climate and a massive energy transition is growing. On November 28 and 29, hundreds of thousands of people will join scores of marches across the globe.

If you can't make your voice heard in the country where you live, make it count somewhere else in the world. Marchers from all over the world are ready to carry your message on your behalf. Join the movement and find a climate partner below: