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Event - Transactive Energy: Powering the New Energy Ecosystem

Transactive Energy: Powering the New Energy Ecosystem will take place on Wednesday 28 January 2015 - Friday 30 January 2015 in San Francisco, California

Transactive energy is a rising concept that is quickly becoming a reality in the energy industry. With the growth of the modern connected world, many people are using more and more electricity to keep themselves connected. In turn, this has increased the demand for electricity across the board, and necessitated other related concepts, such as smart grids and demand response, to help manage supply and demand.

Providers, distributors and traders can more accurately price and market electricity in real time using transactive energy systems, based on a variety of dynamic and changing factors. These include hour-by-hour demand from the grid, the availability of traditional supply sources, and the influx of new domestic and small-scale generation sources, such as residential and commercial wind and solar energy.

This conference will provide attendees with a better understanding of how new transactive energy systems are being implemented within existing infrastructures to help give the market a more robust tool to balance their books while balancing their customers’ demands. Transactive energy gives providers and suppliers a new tool in managing the grid through market management, and this event will include information to help attendees understand the costs and benefits of adding technologies to view and manage the grid in real time, and how to leverage pricing – whether buying or selling – to achieve a more profitable and sustainable balance of supply and demand.

Key Topics
  • Examining the cost savings and economics of balancing modern energy through smarter systems
  • Understanding the financial gains of transactive energy systems in balancing energy purchases and grid shifting to adjust to dynamic pricing changes
  • Exploring the technologies available to implement transactive energy management and reviewing the costs and returns on investment
  • Examining the role of small-scale and independent power generation sources in modern grids, including solar and wind, and how to leverage them for the greatest financial benefits
  • Adapting transactive energy to demand response and smart grid technologies, and how to balance energy supply with needs while maintaining availability to a diverse customer base
  • Leveraging the real-time balance of supply and demand to keep prices affordable for consumers and profitable for providers through dynamic pricing in response to varying demand
  • Applying transactive energy pricing dynamics to manage market prices as a tool to mitigate critical peak usage times, prevent outages and balance supply with demand
  • Implementing transactive energy pricing to impact customer behaviors through pricing incentives and end-user usage management
  • Exploring the key growth areas and services for transactive energy
  • Reviewing the status and outlook for regulatory initiatives affecting transactive energy
  • Tracking, measuring and verifying the performance of enabling technologies, including advanced metering and the associated communications infrastructure
  • Capitalizing on transactive energy for building and facilities energy management
  • Transactive energy case studies, pilots, analytics measures and outcomes

Who Will Attend

This conference is design to appeal to power industry providers and personnel who are seeking more information on the benefits of transactive energy systems. Energy traders, portfolio managers and power grid operators will also benefit from this event. Representatives from small- and large-scale energy generation facilities will also get the latest information about the growing market, and learn how to best position themselves for pricing their electricity services. Including:
  • Utilities and power generators
  • Energy management service providers
  • Systems, software and IT vendors
  • Smart grid technology and software developers
  • System integrators and consultants
  • Commercial and industrial end users
  • Regulators and public policy makers
  • Grid operators
  • Investors and financial community
  • Energy efficiency and conservation
  • Emerging load technologies
  • Usability professionals
  • Business strategy and planning
  • Strategic planning and performance management professionals
  • Program designers
  • Customer service, customer care and customer programs.

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