Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year: May 2015 be the Year of Climate Action

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We want to thank our 1,875,000 readers for visiting The Green Market Oracle. We appreciate your readership and hope you will continue to help us to advocate for a science based policy on climate change in both the public and the private domains.

We have come a long way in the last decade. During this time sustainability has emerged out of virtual obscurity to become the leading trend in the world today.

As 2015 commences we are called to reflect on the year that has past. Most importantly we need to consider what we will do in the year to come.

We have seen a number of studies and reports that clearly show that we are headed towards catastrophe. The environmental crisis is humanity’s most pressing problem. We must find ways to reduce our emissions and deal with water scarcity, energy security, sustainable growth and other social and environmental issues.

In 2014 people stood up to the meet the challenges we face with an unprecedented support for climate action. Last year the world began to abandon coal and we have seen increasing support for divestment from all fossil fuels. We have also seen some great achievements in the proliferation of renewable energy.

Support for sustainability in a wide range of business sectors continues to grow. Political support for action is evolving particularly in the US where the Obama administration has put forth bold initiatives that include new domestic regulations alongside an ambitious emissions reduction agreement with China. As the world's largest economy US leadership is crucial, and the combination of Clean Power Plan and vehicle emissions standards are a good start to US emissions reduction.

We have reason to hope. A new optimism taking shape as we look forward to a global climate agreement by the end of the year in Paris.

In 2014 the awareness of the urgency of climate action may have reached the critical mass necessary to augur real change. These positive developments are framed by the realization that climate change is already here and destined to get far worse unless we do something about it.

The Green Market will be there in 2015, with its ongoing mission of providing news, information, and resources to help raise awareness and encourage businesses to be more sustainable. We will continue to provide succinct feature stories and perspectives as well as tools and information to help our readers succeed in the emerging green economy.

This may prove to be the year that we truly turn the corner, after years of discussion we may secure a global agreement that will seriously begin the process of collectively working towards a low carbon world. We all have a stake so we all need to be involved.

Let us dare to hope that despite the prodigious obstacles arrayed against us, we finally take decisive international action. May 2015 be the year that we succeed in achieving our dreams of seriously beginning the transition to a low carbon economy.

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Richard Matthews

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