Monday, January 19, 2015

Naomi Klein on's Work in Canada

Here is a message from Naomi Klein on's work in Canada.

I think 2015 could be the biggest year yet in the Canadian climate justice movement, and I feel confident that will play a crucial role.

As Prime Minister Harper continues his mad dash to dig up, ship and burn as much tar sands oil as possible, 350 is working from the Maritimes to British Columbia to help build a people's climate movement -- the kind of movement with the vision, heart and guts to defeat Big Oil's agenda for Canada.

In the past several years, has played a leading role in bringing together the biggest climate mobilizations the world has ever seen, and next year more of that energy will be focused on the Canadian government -- currently one of the world's most obstructionist players when it comes to global climate action.

That work will be so much stronger with your support. If you think this is important, donate -- any amount makes a difference.

In 2014, hired its first full-time Canadian organizer, and joined a wave of grassroots actions to confront elected leaders over the Energy East pipeline, the biggest tar sands pipeline ever. Already this collective effort is paying off: Energy East's backers are dropping one by one, and momentum is shifting against the pipeline.

In 2015 we need to bring together more people in Canada than ever to demand climate justice. With oil prices plummeting and tar sands investors getting cold feet, we have a chance to shift the direction of this country away from the greed and arrogance of the extractive industries.

And I think it's possible. Most Canadians know we can do better than an economic model that relies on poisoning the lands and waters of First Nations, puts our coasts in danger and destabilizes the world's climate. The time for a just transition is now.

This could be a pivotal year, and I want us to be ambitious.

With determined hope,

Naomi Klein
Member, Board of Directors of

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