Saturday, January 3, 2015

Video - COP20: How Businesses Are Addressing Climate Risk

C2ES (formerly the Pew Center on Global Climate Change) presents preliminary findings of a new analysis of how major companies are assessing and addressing climate risks and increasing their climate resilience. This research builds on C2ES’s 2013 report, Weathering the Storm: Building Business Resilience to Climate Change, which found that 90 percent of S&P Global 100 companies see extreme weather and other climate risks as current or future business risks, while 62 percent say they are experiencing climate change impacts now, or expect to in the coming decade. The new analysis looks more closely at emerging on-the-ground practices among companies to manage their climate risks. Following C2ES’s presentation of its findings, a panel of business representatives from companies in diverse sectors describe the steps their companies are taking to gather the necessary data, perform risk assessments, and factor increasing climate risks into their management strategies. The statements and facts presented are derived from the IPCC summary for policymakers.

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