Saturday, January 17, 2015

Video - Stop the Republican Environmental Assault

Republicans were planning their assault on environmental protections even before they won big in the 2014 midterms. It did not take them long to identify targets in their anti-climate/anti-environment crusade. No single agency is more maligned by the GOP than the EPA.

Click here to join Robert Redford and NRDC in asking President Obama to stand up to Congress and defend our health, our families and our environment.

Obama's Clean Energy Budget and Republican Opposition
GOP Denial and President Obama's Climate Legacy
Cromnibus Bill Foreshadows the GOP's Legislative Agenda
Anti-Environmental Tidings in a Bill to Keep Government Running
Republicans Pass Anti-Science Bill in the House
Republicans Declare War on the Environment
Republican Ignorance and the Latest IPCC Report
Republican Law to Curtail (Environmental) Regulations
Republicans vs Democrats on Climate Change
Republican Climate Deniers are in Control
The Arsenal Republicans will use in their War on Climate
GOP Identifies Targets for their Impending War Against Climate Protections
Climate Denial will Soon be Political Suicide
Republicans Trying to Kill Power Plant Rules
Video - Rep. Peters Calls out GOP Climate Deniers and States it is Time to Act on Climate Change
Republican Opposition to Agenda 21 and a Climate Agreement

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