Saturday, January 17, 2015

Video - Sustainability and Green Buildings: Where are We Now, and Where are We Going?

Here is the full hour long recording of an NAIOP Panel Discussion, that took place at the Toronto Board of Trade on November 18th, 2014. This discussion was focused on Sustainability and green building (LEED). It specifically addressed how far have we come, where are we going and the drivers of change. It also explores a critical assessment of our efforts, as well as implications for investors.

The panel is moderated by Michael Brooks, the CEO, Real Property Association of Canada (REALpac). He is joined by the following three panelists, Philip C. Gillin, Senior Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, Sun Life Investment Management Canada. Don McLean, Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager, Bentall Kennedy Adrien Deveau, PEng MASc, Energy Profiles Limited

Breakdown of the Video

07:15 − Introductory comments by Phil Gillin
10:32 − Introductory comments by Don McLean
15:40 − Introductory comments by Adrien Deveau
18:46 − Question: Proxies such as LEED and BOMA Best score … how does your company relate to them; what is their value?
26:04 − Question: What are office tenants now demanding from landlords?
29:20 − Question: What are expectations in other asset classes such as retail and industrial?
34:10 − Question: Is data collection on energy performance growing in importance?
38:00 − Topic: Culture change within / Incentives for corporate staff to get on board
43:26 − Question: What importance is being placed on recycling, water, and waste management?
55:38 − Question: Where do we go from here?

*To go to a specific section drag the video slider button to the desired intervals noted above.

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