Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Webinar Report - 2015 Energy & Sustainability Priorities and Predictions

This 45 minute webinar from Ecova will focus on a report titled Energy & Sustainability Priorities and Predictions. It will take place on Thursday, January 29th at 11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST and a question and answer period will follow. The energy and sustainability report will address the issues of costs, regulations, and investor/stakeholder pressure as well as the areas of water and waste.

The report is based on aggregate findings from an Ecova survey of over 500 energy, facility, finance and sustainability professionals at US-based companies. The respondents shared their best practice expertise related to a number of opportunities and challenges.

Ecova’s second annual survey reveals an important shift in the way companies are approaching and viewing energy and sustainability management. According to the report cost remains the top driver of sustainability management initiatives, followed by regulations and investor/stakeholder pressure. Although cost savings are still the primary driver, the report shows that professionals are taking a more strategic, long-term view. Fifty-two percent of respondents indicate their top priority for leveraging energy data in 2015 is to support strategic energy and sustainability initiatives and programs.

The report further explores the opportunities and challenges that will be faced by energy and sustainability management professionals in the areas of water and waste in 2015.

The report shows that water is increasingly important. The survey found a 10 percent increase in those viewing water as an area with the greatest opportunity for savings and improvement (second to energy) than the year prior.

Waste is another important issue. A total of 60 percent of respondents across a wide range of job functions and industries indicated that waste is an important concern. Companies are increasingly requiring a comprehensive waste solution, with over half of this year’s respondents indicating one or more priorities for leveraging waste data in 2015.

The webinar will share insights from the report that will guide strategy and help you prepare for a successful 2015. This includes:
  • Trends that illustrate the evolution of energy and sustainability management
  • Insights into what your peers consider their biggest challenges and opportunities
  • Short and long term elements to include in 2015 planning

Host: Indigo Teiwes, Sr Manager, Strategy & Program Management with Ecova.

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