Sunday, February 22, 2015

Event - Carbon Pricing Discussion Forum

A Carbon Pricing Discussion Forum will take place on Monday February 23, 2015, at 6:30 pm at the McNabb Community Centre, 180 Percy street, Ottawa, Ontario. Carbon pricing is the method most favored by economics for reducing global warming emissions. Such a system charges those who emit carbon dioxide (CO2) for their emissions. That charge, called a carbon price, is the amount that must be paid for the right to emit one tonne of CO2 into the atmosphere. This conversation is particularly relevant for Ontario as the province gets ready to implement carbon pricing. Come to this discussion forum to hear the thoughts of a distinguished panel of experts. They will discuss their views on different systems and invite the opinions of those in attendance.

Expert Panel
  • David Chernushenko (Councillor, Capital Ward)
  • Nathalie Chalifour (Social Justice Professor, UOttawa)
  • Nic Rivers (Canada Research Chair in Climate and Energy Policy, UOttawa)
  • Dave Sawyer (Economic Advisor and CEO, EnviroEcoonomics)
  • Alex Wood (Senior Director, Policy and Markets, Sustainable Prosperity, UOttawa)

The panel will discuss which carbon pricing instrument(s) may be better for:
  • Achieving the required emissions reductions
  • Ensuring stability of price of emission reduction
  • Achieving economic efficiency
  • Mitigating negative effect on competitiveness of industries
  • Making sure it is simple and transparent (and if it matters)
  • Addressing fairness for low- and middle-income families (mitigating regressive effects)
  • Ability to get public and stakeholder support
  • Ensuring that it survives over time

This discussion is hosted by Price Carbon Now a grassroots campaign that supports a broad, effective and equitable carbon pricing in Ontario.

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