Sunday, February 15, 2015

Event - Sustainable Brands Barcelona '15

SB '15 will take place on April 27-28, 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. At this event you will hear up to the minute market trends driving new opportunity for brand innovation that resolve real social problems and resource tensions. Global and local brands will showcase their progress when the community gathers in Barcelona this coming Spring.

Sustainability and Business equation is becoming a reality. Come to SB '15 Barcelona to discover, co-create and successfully execute on new opportunities to profitably innovate for sustainability. Meet with 200 of your peers and learn the new way of doing business at over 30 workshops, plenaries and breakout discussions.

This year in Barcelona we actively reimagine what is possible. Seek regenerative models that create net positive impact. Look for opportunities to redesign every aspect of your business.

SUSTAINABILITY AND CSR I try to solve social problems that alleviate or completely eliminate the tensions of resources along the way.

BRAND STRATEGY I think leadership comes from brands that are aware of the impact they have on the world around them.


I actively invite and encourage my stakeholders to be proactive, co-creative and interactive.


Seeking the improvement in design in transition to sustainable innovation and increased shared value.


Interruptions in the supply chain are not an option, I strive for enlightenment throughout the value chain.


Encourage internal changes of your organization promoting integrated sustainable behavior and proactive management.

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