Thursday, February 5, 2015

Webinar - Green Building Energy Technology Trends Opportunties and Uncertainty

This complimentary green building webinar will take place on February 11, 2015 at 2PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific.

Discover the trends, opportunities and uncertainties. Explore what’s possible when real-time energy data and a comprehensive operating system becomes the central enterprise solution for your facilities. Find out how Arlington Independent School District, the 9th largest school district in Texas, is leveraging advanced commercial building technology, in addition to data from existing systems and third party platforms like Smart Meter Texas, to give a single source of truth for facility teams, the faculty and administration, and 64,000 students.

The resulting benefits include scheduling optimization, cost allocation and efficiency project ROI tracking for finance, and sustainability tools that engage occupants in energy savings.


Joseph Aamidor, Senior Product Manager, Lucid Design Group. Mr. Aamidor serves as Senior Product Manager at Lucid Design Group, guiding the product strategy for the firm’s energy management software solutions. Joseph is a subject matter expert in sustainability and energy issues with ten years of experience in consulting and software product management, sales, and implementation. He has experience leading development of national and corporate GHG inventories. Joseph has been published in leading industry magazines and journals, such as Trading Carbon, the peer-reviewed Transportation Research Record, Ethical Corporation and GreenBiz. He also has been a presenter at leading green business conferences, such as IBCon, EUEC, the CRO, and AWMA.

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