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Event - Sustainable Brands San Diego (SB '15 San Diego)

Sustainable Brands San Diego (SB15sd) will take place on June 1 - 4, 2015 in San Diego, California. Reinvent yourself in response to changing norms and dive deep into the brand innovation trenches at SB '15 San Diego and find detail-rich case studies, practical know-how and specific implementation tips to accelerate your business success.

Program Overview

Through an innovative program of collaboration and information, SB’15 San Diego seeks to provide inspiration, tools, and partnerships to drive business success and positive impact. Join us for plenaries, breakouts, workshops, the Activation Hub, the Innovation Open, and numerous networking events where you will dive deep into the brand innovation trenches to learn How to successfully innovate your brand for sustainability Now.


An avalanche of trends and market drivers that set the tone.

Featured Plenaries Include:

Letitia Webster, Global Director of Corporate Sustainability at VF Corporation, will explain how her company is integrating the diverse set of individual sustainability strategies of more than 25 brands in its portfolio – including The North Face, Timberland, JanSport and Wrangler, among others – and rolling them up into a unified parent-corporation center of goal-setting, excellence, and governance.

Jeffrey Hollender, CEO of Sustain Condoms & former CEO of Seventh Generation, and Meika Hollender, Co-Founder & Marketing Director at Sustain Condoms, will outline a compelling and comprehensive vision for the next generation of sustainable business leadership – a must-see for any brand looking to engage Millennials and Gen Z with the full range of design, certification and marketing levers available today.

Amber Valletta, Fashion Icon & Founder of Master & Muse, will share how a celebrity of her caliber has helped nurture Fashion Positive and other key recent milestones in sustainable fashion. Having worked with some of the most prestigious names in the fashion world and graced countless magazine covers over the course of her modeling career, Amber is in a unique position to both understand and influence an entire business ecosystem.

Len Sauers, Vice President for Global Sustainability at Procter & Gamble, will analyze the value and potential of the newly-formed Closed Loop Fund and other innovative partnerships in advancing corporate sustainability agendas. The Closed Loop Fund has attracted considerable attention since launching several months ago as a $100 million dollar joint investment of P&G, Walmart, Coca-Cola, Goldman Sachs and other Fortune 100 brands.


Dynamic sessions to help you analyze specific business issues.

Featured Breakouts Include:

Kristin Richmond, Founder & CEO of Revolution Foods, will participate in a discussion on the future of the B Corp movement. With more than 1,100 companies worldwide now certified, it seems that the B Corp community has gained significant momentum. To reach further scale, however, the movement will not only need more and larger companies, but also a higher level of consumer recognition and demand.

Sujean Lee, SVP of Corporate Affairs at Chobani, will walk us through the range of actions the leading Greek yogurt brand in America is taking to leverage social media and other platforms for creative consumer engagement. Join to learn how Chobani is employing content marketing and other tools to evolve its relationships with stakeholders.

Lara Koritzke, Director of Communications at the ISEAL Alliance, will launch and review a new tool bringing clarity to the confusing landscape of sustainability claims, messages and labels. This tool will offer the key questions a business should ask its vendors, suppliers and partners, as well as a whole range of answers that help avoid greenwashing in the marketplace.

Ron Voglewede, Global Sustainability Director at Whirlpool, will highlight the world’s first retrofitted, live-in research, positive impact home. Using that as a jump-off point, Ron will show how Whirlpool and other industry leaders, through collaboration and innovation, are bringing the long-talked-about dream of connected, smart, resource-efficient living to homes and cities around the world.


Half day, deep dive studios to help you turn ideas into action.

Featured Workshops Include:

Bob Willard, Global Sustainability Expert, Author & Speaker, will guide the audience through The Future-Fit Business Benchmark, a breakthrough effort aiming to change the way non-financial performance is measured and managed in pursuit of a flourishing future. The Benchmark offers a set of goals that collectively define what every company must do if we are to safeguard the possibility of a truly sustainable economy.

Bridgett Luther, President of Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, will help lead an overview of the latest and most promising developments in systemic innovation for a circular economy. This workshop, which will also feature several other prominent experts, is intended to be a one-stop way of equipping any business professional with tools, strategies and opportunities around circular business models.

Simon and Maria Robinson, Authors of Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter, will equip attendees with a new way of seeing and thinking that allows us to be mindful and truly make sense of complex situations. This workshop will appeal to professionals who are looking to deepen their leadership skills relating to sustainability, strategy, branding, systems thinking, creativity and dialogue. It will include both powerful practical experiential exercises and case studies.

Tony Kingsbury, Founder & President, TKingsbury LLC, will present the results of a comprehensive review of 32 leading chemical evaluation tools (e.g. US EPA’s Design for the Environment, GreenScreen, GreenSuite, GreenWERCS, SciVera, GoodGuide, and many others). The goal of this project is to determine how robust these tools’ methodologies are, how many hazard endpoints they take into account, how costly they are, how transparent they are, and whether you need a PhD to use them. Find out which tools are right for your organization and what limitations they carry.


An interactive space where companies collaborate and showcase innovative solutions to pressing issues.

Shaping the Future of Commerce Worldwide

The Activation Hub will enable productive commercial partnerships between companies and organizations who share the commitment to creating a vibrant and sustainable economy of the future. It functions as a thriving marketplace for brands exploring how to transform their innovative ideas into reality. This action-centered environment holds the conversations, collaborators and tools necessary to bring good ideas – and brand success – to life.

Featuring “How Hubs” around top issues, such as:
  • How do we build smarter homes and cities?
  • How do we better manage supply chains?
  • How do we develop superior materials and products?
  • How do we turn the vision of a circular economy into reality?
  • How do we measure, analyze and report sustainability impacts? And more!

Why Attend

At SB’15 San Diego, nearly 2,000 thought leaders, brand innovators, designers, and global business leaders will gather to explore various topics and issues pertinent to sustainability. Whether through plenaries, workshops, the Activation Hub, the Innovation Open, or networking events, this conference has been designed to benefit everyone from NGOs and small business owners, to CEOs and global brand leaders. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join them in discovering How to tap emerging innovations to successfully scale sustainability Now.

For those interested in:
  • Sustainability & CSR
  • Brand Strategy
  • Communications
  • Design & Innovation
  • Supply Chain

What You Will Learn:
  • How global environmental, social and economic trends are deepening our understanding of necessary action and helping shift the conversation
  • How to apply practical tools and metrics to set and manage appropriate sustainability goals
  • How to measure and communicate the ROI of sustainability initiatives and innovation
  • How to bridge existing gaps between sustainability teams and marketing teams
  • How to structure, launch and measure next-generation public-private partnerships and other initiatives that help transform both cities and the private sector for sustainability

Who Comes to SB Conferences:
  • Starbucks | Director, Environmental Affairs
  • Sprint | Director, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability
  • Bloomberg L.P. | Global Head of Sustainability Initiatives
  • Johnson & Johnson | VP Sustainability
  • MARS | Global Brand Sustainability Director
  • Nordstrom | DVP, Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Hilton Worldwide | VP, Corporate Responsibility
  • Philips | Director of Sustainability
  • Target | Director of Sustainability
  • Visa | VP, Head of Corporate Philanthropy & Responsibility
  • Learn from 150+ Speakers

Partial List of Speakers
  • Virginie Helias Global Sustainability Director Procter & Gamble
  • Michael Dickstein Director, Global Sustainable Development Heineken
  • Lindsay Bass Manager, Corporate Water Stewardship WWF
  • John Schulz AVP of Sustainability Operations AT&T
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