Friday, March 27, 2015

France Curbs Vehicles and Decrees Green or Solar Roofs

In France we are seeing efforts to both curb vehicular emissions and increase renewable energy. City officials in Paris have instituted a system that is designed to curb the number of cars that can drive in Paris. This follows new legislation mandating either solar panels or plants on the roofs of all new buildings.

Last March France restricted both GMOs and cars, this March their vehicular restrictions continue alongside the new rooftop initiative.

Air quality is problem in Paris, so city officials are using partial bans on cars to reduce pollution from car exhaust. On Monday March 23, Paris banned cars vehicles with even-numbered license plates. To enforce the ban there were more than one thousand police. The policy was enacted into law last year and it gives government the authority to limit vehicles dependent on air quality readings.

In another move that benefits air quality France has issued a decree that demands that a part of all new rooftops to be covered in either plants or solar panels. The new law was passed on Thursday March 19 and it applies to all new buildings in commercial zones across the country.

Green roofs sequester carbon, provide oxygen and offer an additional layer of insulation. Additional benefits include the promotion of biodiversity, providing a nesting place for birds and retaining rainwater which reduces runoff.

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