Tuesday, March 17, 2015

GSI to Locate its Headquarters in Ireland

The Global Sustainability Initiative ("GSI") has announced that they will put their headquarters in Mayo, Ireland due to the region's technological sustainability competencies. GSI is an innovative global impact investment project that also combats climate change. They support sustainable production and consumption of food, water and energy in some of the poorest parts of the developing world. The GSI initiative is part of extensive co-operation between developed and developing countries that includes a number of institutions, organizations and businesses

The GSI site selection was done by OpenSparkz in consort with Mayo County Council Enterprise and Investment Unit. OpenSparkz and partner companies will develop a technology hub within the Castlebar facility to be called the "Global Sustainability Centre. " The facility is expected to generate more than 250 new jobs.

"Ireland was chosen as headquarters for GSI given the country's strong technology and skills base in sustainability, and in particular, its leadership in food technology and its long-term friendly relationships with Africa and other lesser-developed markets," says Paul Lindsey, CEO of OpenSparkz.

Financing of the Centre and GSI's initial projects in Africa are led by investment bank BPA International Group in partnership with OpenSparkz. BPA's global sustainability fund known as"GSF1" will get financing for GSI projects from impact investment sectors and others.

GSF1 approach will return 40 percent of the profits called "social dividends" into social projects. This includes improved farming methods, water purification, health clinics, schools for education, energy and IT/tech connectivity.

OpenSparkz has already started to attract global partners to the GSC in Castelbar including, Viridis Aquaponics, New Generation Biogas, iFood Systems, Flexiway Solar Solutions, Hedviga Group, Arcadian Biomass, Aquiva Foundation, Risk Management International, Indaba Mobile and OpenCarb LP. R&D at GSC will be supported by Irish Universities and institutions.

GSI was inspired by a commitment to action with the Clinton Global Initiative, a US-based group which was established by Former US President Bill Clinton.

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