Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Introduction to Sustainable Development by Columbia University (Coursera - Columbia University)

Coursera is offering a free online Columbia University course titled, "Introduction to Sustainable Development." This course will address the following:

1. What is Sustainable Development? Sustainable development is a central concept for our age. It is both a way of understanding the world and a method for solving global problems

Introduction & Economic Growth and Progress

Intro to Sustainable Development

Economic Growth and Progress

Continuing Poverty and Environmental Threats

2. A Short History of Economic Development

The world we’ve seen is divided – startlingly so – with 55 high-income economies (1.3 billion people), 103 middle-income countries (4.9 billion people), and 36 low-income countries (0.8 billion people). How did these vast differences across the world come about? How is it that there are countries like the United States at more than $50,000 dollars per person per year of income, and countries like Niger at under $500 dollars per person per year, less than 100th the income levels of the high-income countries when measured at market exchange rates? This huge gap certainly did not exist two centuries ago.

The Birth of Economic Development

Economic Development is New

The Industrial Revolution Starts in England

A New Era of Modern Economic Growth

The Great Waves of Technological Change The Diffusion of Economic Growth Economic Development Since World War II: The Making of Globalization

Economic Development Since World War II: The Making of Globalization

A Short History of Economic Development7 questions

3. Growth within Planetary Boundaries

To achieve sustainable development, countries need to achieve three goals simultaneously: economic growth, broad-based social inclusion, and environmental sustainability. While many countries have “solved” the growth puzzles, few have succeeded in achieving all three aspects of sustainable development.

The Planetary Boundaries

Growth Dynamics

The Case of Energy

The Case of Food

The Case of Population

Growth within Planetary Boundaries

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