Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Now is the Time for Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is not just a buzzword, it is a key business success factor in 2015 and beyond. In the US President Obama has enjoined the struggle against climate change and signed an emissions reduction deal with China. Around the world we are seeing growing momentum in support of a low carbon economy including responsible use of resources, waste reduction, energy efficiency and renewables.

Environmental sustainability is not a trend, it is the new normal. Driven by extreme weather events people are increasingly supportive of efforts to engage climate change. Consumers are researching products and brands as never before. Organizations are seeing the merit of having and telling the story of their sustainability journey. Consumers want to hear these stories and they are using them to make buying decisions.

Corporations that have shown leadership in environmental sustainability are able to demonstrate that this is bolstering their bottom line. Sustainability is not just about preempting an inevitable new regulatory regime, it provides added value and a competitive edge. Sustainability is about crafting a smart strategy that positions companies for the long haul.

Their has never been more urgency for businesses to engage. At the end of this year we expect to see a global climate agreement at COP21 in Paris. The US is expected to table a plan to reduce carbon emissions by more than 25 percent. 

The sustainability train is leaving the station and it is time to get on-board. Businesses that see the writing on the wall will be rewarded and those who fail to move in the right direction will get left behind.

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