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Video - Business Partnerships for Earth Hour

Join the global movement with Timex INDIGLO® and Earth Hour. Pledge to act on March 28th at 8:30pm and for every shared pledge, Timex will donate $1 to Earth Hour.

Timex is not the only business partnering with Earth Hour (scroll down for a list of partners). Thousands of businesses around the world are also getting on-board. There are some good reasons why businesses are working with Earth Hour to help protect the planet. Partners that help to promote Earth Hour, broaden the reach of the campaign as well expand people's access to their brands and their sustainability story. Brands partnering with this grassroots event because it is a great opportunity to showcase a company's commitments to environmental impact. This will encourage existing clients and attract new clients to use a socially aware company.

Those that register pledge to turn off the lights at their place of business (both internal and external). However there is far more that they can do. In addition to promoting awareness and reducing energy usage, businesses can identify areas where their business can minimize environmental impact and reduce carbon emissions.

Earth Hour offers a range of resources suitable to businesses. They offer a How-To Guide to help businesses take action throughout the year. This guide includes information on how to generate maximum impact and how to tell your story and create an Earth Hour narrative for your brand.  The guide also includes sample letters for employees, customers, supply chains and governments.

Here are nine examples of Earth Hour partnerships with business:


It’s #TimetoGLO. Timex is launching a global movement to support Earth Hour 2015 featuring their signature INDIGLO® technology. To join, pledge to act on March 28th at 8:30 p.m. and share your pledge to spread the word. For every shared pledge, Timex will donate $1 to Earth Hour.* features the latest real-time, 3D engine technology. When you make a pledge to act on March 28th, you can upload a profile image to the site that will be transformed into glowing pixie-dust particles, representing your part in the “GLO-ing” global movement. Share your pledge on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #TimetoGLO to help spread awareness about Earth Hour 2015.


As 'Kids Ambassadors' for Earth Hour since 2010, Pocoyo and his friends (Elly & Pato) have helped raise the profile of the Earth Hour movement by encouraging people to support the cause and educating future generations on our planet and its environment.

In 2015, the creators of Pocoyo are using their power to 'change' climate change by educating children on the causes and effects of climate change and supporting Earth Hour crowdfunding projects for climate action. They will also rally and inspire influential creators on Youtube to join the movement and back crowdfunding projects to help achieve tangible environmental outcomes.


This year, switch off your lights for Earth Hour along with your favourite game. Earth Hour is collaborating with Rovio Entertainment Ltd and its hugely popular Angry Birds Friends game to spread the word on how we can all, birds and Professor Pig included, take action for the planet.

Rovio Entertainment Ltd, the creator of Angry Birds™, is a global industry-changing entertainment media company headquartered in Finland that creatively combines digital with physical, breaking the boundaries of traditional content delivery. What started as a casual game in 2009 became an international phenomenon within a few months of its release. Today Angry Birds is not only the most downloaded game of all time, it is a worldwide known entertainment brand reaching out into publishing, licensing, animations, books and location based entertainment. Rovio's animated Angry Birds feature film is slated for July, 2016.


As Earth Hour’s official online event-hosting and storytelling platform, Timescape helps us track and explore all the stories, events and celebrations during Earth Hour from around the world.

Timescape is an online platform for building and sharing interactive map-based stories. Organizations across the world are using Timescape for Event tracking, Social Marketing and Impact demonstration. Write to us to learn more about mapping your world.


As Earth Hour’s official communication partner, Cotap helps our team and thousands of volunteers around the world to coordinate landmark lights-off events and many more activities beyond the hour in 120 countries.

Cotap is a simple, secure mobile messaging app for teams. There’s no need to swap phone numbers, and personal and work messages stay separate. With mobile-first simplicity that users love, and the enterprise-grade security businesses need, Cotap reaches all employees where they’re most likely to read a message: on their smartphones.


As Earth Hour Global’s apparel manufacturer, Kusaga Athletic created the planet-friendly Earth Hour 2015 t-shirts with their unique ECOSOFT™ fabric material.

Made from sustainable crops, the ECOSOFT™ fabric passes through an advanced eco-friendly manufacturing process significantly reducing non-renewable energy usage and CO2 emissions. For more information about Kusaga Athletic, visit


As Earth Hour’s digital agency for their flagship digital property, GSI Digital has helped recreate the online user journey to be one that transforms the brand from an event to a movement.

Strength in technical development, depth in integration expertise and speed in delivery by GSI Digital helps Earth Hour accelerate the digital journey to reach millions around the globe. GSI Digital has been an ever-present partner for Earth Hour Blue movement and helps transform the digital journey of users around the world. GSI Digital don’t just build websites. They deliver a digital experience to your customers.


As Earth Hour's social media partner, Happy Marketer is helping maximize the impact and reach of this movement through Social Media.

With a potent combination of training, strategy and analytics, the team at Happy Marketer helps Earth Hour find the perfect messaging to spread the message and activate our existing passionate users. And this means the message of conservation is going where it's never gone before.

Happy Marketer is a digital consulting and training firm that helps companies make the most out of their digital campaigns across search engines, social media, content and analytics. Learn more about them here.


Our friends at Singapore based company, Crowdonomic, have tirelessly helped us build an amazing crowdfunding platform for the planet.

Technical expertise to deliver the platform, as well as support for our teams around the world to help build and drive their projects further is a super hero feat worthy of a shout out. Click here to visit Earth Hour Blue crowdfunding page powered by Crowdonomic.

Crowdonomic is a Fin-Tech business offering a full portfolio of crowdfunding solutions. It is the region’s foremost crowdfunding platform where global smart capital meets the region’s most promising startups. The management team, who has a background in investments and technology, has been dedicated to develop crowdfunding in Singapore and is one of the few industry players to actively engage regulators to help shape competitive crowdfunding policy.

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