Saturday, March 28, 2015

Video - Earth Hour: Why You Need to be Part of it

Earth Hour 2015 is about giving people a voice to speak out against the most daunting challenge in human history. This popular movement gives hundreds of millions of people an opportunity to weigh in on climate change. Although the issues are complex Earth Hour is accessible to everyone.  It is urgent that we speak up and demand a better future for our planet. Widespread engagement is critical to the success of our efforts to combat climate change. Earth Hour unites people from all over the world who share a common desire to act on climate change. The event tells politicians and businesses that we want to address climate change now.

Extreme weather like the hurricane that recently ravaged the small islands that make up the state of Vanuatu can leave people feeling powerless. However, events like Earth Hour give everyone an opportunity to engage and do something to augur change. The toll of climate change is devastating and often overwhelming, but Earth Day gives us a platform that empowers us to act so that we can be part of a movement that makes a difference.

As we ebb ever closer to a hoped for international climate agreement at COP21, the participation of people around the globe has never been more urgent.

Send a message, show your care, turn off your lights for Earth Hour and be an agent of change throughout the year. Talk about climate change with friends and family, find ways in which you can act in a more environmentally responsible fashion and encourage others to do the same.

We are at a pivotal juncture, time is rapidly running out to change our course, but if we all stand together we can make the needed changes for ourselves and future generations. Earth Hour motivates people to work together to address the most pressing challenge of our times.

In the most general sense switching off our lights for Earth Hour reminds us of the energy we use, in particular it reminds us about the dangers of fossil fuels, which is both the most common source of energy and the primary driver of climate change. Thankfully we have cleaner alternatives, particularly renewable sources of energy that can help to wean us off of fossil fuels.

Future generations will wonder what we did to avert the climate catastrophe. Today is the day to stand up and be counted secure in the knowledge that ogether we can make a difference.

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