Saturday, March 7, 2015

Video - Women's Earth Alliance (WEA)

Women's Earth Alliance's foresees a world in which women powerfully participate in the development of global sustainability—thereby reducing poverty, encouraging democracy, promoting peace, and enhancing the social and environmental health of the planet. WEA invests in grassroots women's leadership to drive solutions to our most pressing ecological concerns – water, food, land, and climate. We link women community leaders with the resources, trainings, funding, and partnerships they need to build self-reliant, environmentally sustainable, and healthy communities. Check out this short video depicting the profound potential within women's leadership for social and environmental transformation, and WEA’s work to support that shift.

WEA works in South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, throughout the Native American U.S., and Latin America. We utilize four key strategies:

1. Training and Knowledge-Sharing. Our Global Women’s Water Initiative (GWWI) trains sub-Saharan African women leaders to become water and sanitation technicians and educators through community-based clean water and sanitation initiatives. GWWI also stimulates economic development by fostering and investing in women's entrepreneurship.

2. Grantmaking. WEA’s Grantmaking Program provides flexible grants to grassroots women-led groups and networks around the world that are promoting food sovereignty, and environmental and climate justice in their communities.

3. Coordinating Advocacy. The WEA Advocacy Network links a national network of volunteer attorneys from across the U.S. with grassroots Indigenous women for collaboration on legal action to protect indigenous lands. Connecting and Linking. Our WEAving the Worlds Program connects, educates, and inspires members of WEA’s alliance through local events, educational programs, online channels, and exchange trips.

For more information on WEA click here.

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