Friday, March 6, 2015

Webinar - New Waste Management Reporting System

This new downloadable webinar from Enviance provides insights into some of the new realities associated with waste management.

Rebecca Roberts, Associate Environmental Specialist in the Environmental Affairs Dept. at Eversource, will discuss how Eversource (formerly NE Utilities) went from tracking oil spill and PCB data on many different spreadsheets to consolidating all of their environmental data into one ISO 14001 based compliance and sustainability reporting system.

Oftentimes it can be a challenge for users to adopt a new software system but that was not the case for this reporting system.

Hear about customizable forms and how they made the system much easier for people to use and even provided next steps.

You'll learn more about:

Setting up customizable dispatch forms for ease of use The new Configurable Generation Portal User defined dashboards and user defined layouts Other new functionality that is coming soon

Click here to download new webinar.

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