Thursday, March 5, 2015

Why Small Businesses are Not Engaging Sustainability

Many small businesses fail to realize the value of sustainability and as a consequence they are not adopting sustainability as quickly as large corporations. Despite the convincing business case for sustainability, small businesses have yet to engage in large numbers. Small business owners commonly perceive sustainability to be overly complex and too costly. The result is that small businesses are often absent from discussions about sustainability.

The inaction of the small business community does not appear to be due to disinterest in environmental responsibility. According to a Lloyds’ survey, 61 percent of small and medium business leaders practice sustainability at home, while only 43 percent incorporate eco-friendly practices at the office.

Small businesses are understandably concerned about cost issues. While monetary concerns are a barrier of entry, the real obstacle to their engagement is inadequate awareness about the real value of sustainability. According to a report titled, "The Big Green Opportunity for Small Business in the U.S.," many small business owners lack the market insight to take advantage of green opportunities.

The truth is that small businesses are very well suited to sustainability.

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