Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Allstate is a Leader in Environmental Social and Governance Disclosures

When it comes to environmental and social disclosures in the insurance industry Allstate is a leader. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosures (sometimes called goodwill or reputation), include everything from climate change to gender diversity. ESG disclosures are commonly part of corporate sustainability reporting.

A growing number of investors focus on key corporate ESG metrics to make more informed investment and business decisions. Stakeholders are increasingly demanding ESG metrics in 2015.

ESG data is not only valuable to investors it is also of interest to future and current employees as well as existing and prospective customers.

Allstate has had a climate change policy in place for almost a decade and for eight years Allstate has disclosed the risks that climate change poses to its financial performance, its customers, and its operations. They also reveal how they are managing those risks.

The insurance sector does not have much of an environmental footprint compared to the manufacturing sector. So for important environmental metrics like GHG emissions and water intensity Allstate's footprint is almost exclusively focused on the company's buildings and IT centers.

In addition to its environmental efforts Allstate is a leader in gender diversity. More than one quarter (27 percent) of Allstate's board of directors are women, 42 percent of their managers are women and more than half (57 percent) of their workforce are women. Allstate is also a leader in community investment.

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