Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day Activities and Actions in the US and Canada

Earth Day activities include a full slate of sustainability-conscious events and conservation efforts. This includes contests, awards, petitions, marches, parties, lectures, discussion groups, bike rides, tree planting, trash collection, film screenings and art projects.

While Earth Day is officially celebrated on April 22, there have been a number of actions that have taken place in the month of April and throughout the year. As part of an annual program called "One Billion Acts of Green," there have been well over one billion pledges and the goal is two billion.

Earth Day Activities and Actions in the US

In the US there are a range of activities promoted on Earth Day. One of these projects is called the Canopy Project. This initiative work with tree planting organizations around the world to ensure our trees are reaching people who need them most. The Canopy Project is an official partner of the United Nations Environment Programme’s Billion Trees Campaign

There is also a climate petition that seeks to tell local, national and international leaders to phase out carbon. Another endeavor seeks to encourage Congress to fund environmental education. People are also being asked to pledge to reduce their energy consumption.

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Earth Day Activities and Actions in Canada

In Canada Earth Day annually garners the support of more than six million people. Earth Day Canada is a platform for a wide range of events that celebrate environmentally sustainable lifestyles and promote actions and behavior that actively tackle climate change.

Events in Canada include things like Clean Your Commute. Other Canadian activities include the Earth Day Everyday Campaign, 2015 Earth Flag.

While Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 it is actually espouses environmentally responsible behavior year round. The "Earth Day Every Day" campaign includes a new user-friendly tool that is being launched on April 22nd. It is designed to help people make good green choices year round. This online, mobile-friendly platform supports your commitment to green acts, tracks your carbon progress, and encourages you to share and be recognized for your achievements.

The 2015 Earth Flag project is a national petition signed by people who are committed to making Earth Day Every Day and are doing their part to reduce carbon emissions 20% by 2020. The 2015 Earth Flag will be taken to the COP21 International Climate Conference in Paris this December.

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