Saturday, April 25, 2015

President Obama Discusses Science and Climate Change with Bill Nye (Video)

This discussion between President Obama and Bill Nye "the science guy" focused on the importance of science to understand and address climate change. The President expressed optimism that we can solve the problem of climate change. It is important to encourage children to appreciate and value science Nye said. "Our culture has to support and elevate science," the President said. Nye talked about the importance of promoting science in the Constitution (section one paragraph 8).

"When you are making decisions around important issues make sure that you take science seriously." The President said. "When I see members of congress being part of the climate denier clubs, and basically stiff-arming what we known are facts and not rebutting them with other facts but rebutting them with anecdote or just being dismissive...I have the capacity to understand science. I have the capacity to look at facts and base my conclusions on the evidence. Part of shifting our political culture, is we got to model for our kids facts matter...we have to acknowledge those facts. "

Nye said, "I want US to lead, I want the US to be the best in world at the new solutions and the innovations and what its going to take to address climate change"

"Were getting busy America is beginning to lead," President Obama said "...if America is not at the forefront [of global efforts to secure a global climate agreement at COP 21 in Paris at the end of the year] it will not happen...this is a good moment for us to lead"

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