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Event - Tourism for the Future Awards Africa 2015

This event will take place in Tanzania in June 2014, it will be hosted by Traveler’s Eye Tanzania alongside the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism in Tanzania and other international Sustainable Tourism Support communities. This event has been internationally recognized and termed as the region's highest accolade for sustainable tourism development.

More than 1,000 candidates representing a number of tourism businesses from over 37 countries across the continent, will be in attendance for these awards. They will be recognized for their contribution to the sustainable tourism industry. Sustainable tourism optimizes the economic, environmental, social and cultural impacts of the industry. It serves to engage both Travel & Tourism businesses and tourists with the people and the places they visit and acts as a force for good.

The awards comprises of seven categories: Community, Destination Stewardship, Environmental Conservation, Innovation, Sustainable Business, People and Cultural Heritage Preservation awards. The objective is to share knowledge, showcasing, advocating for, motivating, acknowledging and rewarding best practices in sustainable tourism across Africa in efforts to establish the continent's tourism sector as a pillar for sustainable development.

Eighteen international experts from around the world, representing the private sector, academic institutions, nonprofit organizations and governments have come together as independent judges to select the finalists and winners.

The Tanzanian minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, Lazaro Nyalandu said, his ministry recognizes the need to bridge the gap between the growing sector, resource management and community development.

"Aligning its policies to ensure that Tanzania is at the forefront in adopting and embracing Sustainable Tourism practices, the aim is to achieve tourism that caters for and protects the environment, develops communities and enhances the economy."

He said Tanzania's tourism sector is currently the leading economic sector earning over one billion US dollars overtaking agriculture in the year 2013/14.

The tourism sector contributes about 19 per cent of the country's GDP according to the National Bureau of Statistics report.

The Tourism for The Future Awards Africa are one of the Region's most prestigious accolades in the Travel & Tourism industry, aimed at rewarding and internationally recognizing the ideal and best practices in sustainable tourism.

The Awards’ judging process is based on three-steps:

a. Finalist Selection
b.On-site Visit by an expert
c.Winner Selection.
An international team of 12-25 judges, representing a wide range of professional backgrounds and expertise in the Travel & Tourism, screen and select three finalists in each category to later decide on the winners.

Finalists are recognized for:

a. Outstanding international Media exposure from leading media houses in the continent and the globe.
b. the opportunity to network with the leaders of the travel & tourism industry internationally.
c. corporate endorsement by a panel of internationally acclaimed experts in sustainable tourism
d. an invitation to the grand awards ceremony, a prestigious event to be held in June 2015,
at the Arusha International Conference Centre in Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa.
e. Complimentary accommodation to attend the ceremony in Arusha and an inclusive park excursion.

Contact information

Traveler’s Eye Tanzania
5th Floor Ngorongoro Wing
AICC Building
Afrika Mashariki Road
P.O. Box 10602
Arusha Tanzania

Questions regarding these awards should be directed to Vanessa Baldwin at (255) 766-196-703 or

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