Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Floating Electric Car

There are a diverse range of electric vehicles from the mundane to the wildly esoteric. Some of the more exotic electric craft can actually navigate on the water. There is an electric car that actually floats on the water in the case of an emergency. Built by Japanese venture campany FOMM the vehicle is called the Concept One.

Hideo Tsurumaki, the president of FOMM says the car was constructed in response to the devastating Japanese tsunami of 2011. He invented the car because his hometown is prone to tsunamis.

In addition to tsunamis the vehicle is meant for people who live in areas that may experience sudden inundation from flash flooding. The target market for this vehicle is in Southeast Asia where flooding is commonplace.

In addition to being a floating electric car the Concept One is also the smallest four seater electric vehicle in the world at only 8 feet long. The lightweight car weighs in at just over 1000 pounds and it is powered by two in-wheel electric motors. These motors have an output of 5kW with a range of approximately 62 miles.

In the event the car ever finds itself in deep water the Concept One uses a water jet generator for propulsion. The tires provide buoyancy while acting like fins. However, the car will need maintenance to revert back to a street worthy vehicle.

In some respects the small size of the vehicle make it more like a motorcycle than a car. In fact, instead of a steering wheel the Concept One has motorcycle like handlebars, brakes and throttle control.

The Concept One is scheduled for mass production sometime this year.

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