Saturday, May 2, 2015

Putting the Heat on for Harvard Heat Week (Video)

In the Middle of April Harvard Heat Week turned up the heat on fossil fuel divestment. The week was kicked off by a divestment event that included Students, faculty, alumni, and members of the Harvard community all of whom came together in Cambridge to speak out for climate justice. The movement called Harvard and other universities to stand on the right side of history.divest from fossil fuels. Harvard's $36 billion endowment may have a 100-million-ton carbon footprint. For a university that prides itself on being a leading educational institution, it is unconscionable to continue investing in the companies that are wrecking the climate and destroying communities on the front lines of the crisis.

The same goes for all our universities. That's why young people at schools across the country are taking bold, nonviolent direct action. They're drawing a line between the people and the polluters, and asking their schools: Whose side are you on?

As explained by "When it comes to the climate crisis, we can’t wait. It’s time for our all our schools to dust off their moral integrity and step up to the plate. It's time for our most influential and visible institutions to really lead."

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