Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Benefits of a Sustainability Designed Constructed and Operated Facility

In addition to minimizing the impact on the Earth's natural resources and ecosystems a sustainability designed, constructed and operated facility offers a number of benefits. A green facility embeds sustainability into the core of an organization's DNA and creates a pathway from which it is harder to deviate. It is a central pillar that enhances authenticity in the execution of a sustainability strategy.

Here are eight benefits of a sustainability designed constructed and operated facility:

1. Enhanced occupant well-being and comfort: This can lend itself to greater productivity, better employee retention and fewer sick days. It can also be used as a recruitment tool for new employees.

2. Reduced operating costs: A sustainability oriented facility uses less energy/water and generates less waste. It also encourages efficiency both in terms of manpower and with regard to the use of raw materials.

3. Increased building valuation and return on investment (ROI): A sustainability oriented facility has more value both today and into the future. As sustainability gains ground, building such a facility will save money in retrofits later and maintain its value longer.

4. Reduced environmental impact: This is good positioning from the vantage point of existing and forthcoming regulations. It also serves to be prepared for a range of environmentally oriented supply chain pressures.

5. Improved commitment to environmental stewardship: This adds to public support and employee loyalty. It also lends itself to greater interest from prospective customers and clients as well as the wider public.

6. Marketing advantage: There is a definite marketing advantage to a facility that is conceived, built and operated with sustainability in mind.

7. Public Support: The public is and will be increasingly interested in facilities that are sustainability focused. Facilities that are sustainability focused, particularly those that are socially engaged will decrease resistance and foster public support.

8. Public Education: A sustainability oriented building is an excellent educational tool particularly when combined with greener operations.

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