Friday, June 19, 2015

EPA Proposes New Fuel Efficiency Rules for Heavy Trucks

On Friday June 19th the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released proposed new fuel efficiency rules for heavy trucks. These rules are expected to reduce American carbon emissions by 1.1 billion tons.

Transportation related greenhouse gas emissions are the second largest source of emissions. The EPA has already put forth new regulations for the power sector which is the largest source of emissions in the country. The new power plant rules are expected to be finalized in August.

The heavy truck rules are part of the Obama administration's vehicular efficiency regulations. The administration has already proposed new efficiency rules for cars and light trucks that come into effect in 2016 and then get even tougher in 2025. The rules for heavy trucks are scheduled to come into effect in 2021.

Some of the truck manufacturing companies expected to be impacted by the new rules are Cummins Inc., Eaton Corp., Daimler AG and Volvo AB.

It is believed that the new vehicular efficiency demands will spur technological innovations and create jobs.

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