Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sustainability Reporting Attracts Investors and Improves ROI (Video)

Here is a panel discussion designed to improve returns and attract investors. This discussion offers practical insights and helps commercial property owners with reputation management, employee engagement and efficiency. It also increases access to capital. This discussion is ideal for all who own or intend to buy or sell real estate. It is also for property managers, developers, and sustainability professionals.

Moderator: Heather Gadonniex, Director of Sustainable Building and Construction, PE International


Helen Gurfel, Executive Director, ULI Greenprint
Gary Holtzer, Senior Managing Director, Hines
Kristen Sullivan, Partner, Deloitte
Dan Winters, Director for North America, Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark

Drivers of Green Investment Growth
Why Investors Want More Nonfinancial Information
Adding Value through Sustainability
Investors Showing Leadership on Climate Change
Lucrative Investment Opportunities are Driving the Growth of Sustainability
The Growth of Business Opportunities from Climate Change
Investors are Embracing Green
Factors Driving the Growth of Responsible Investing
Return on Environmentally and Socially Responsible Investments
Prodigious Growth Predicted for the Global Green Economy
Data Shows that Sustainability Pays
Sustainability Offers Better Returns for Investors
Sustainability Offers a Competitive Advantage & Better ROI
Returns on Green Investing
Comprehensive Summary of Sustainability Reporting Guidance
The Future of Integrated Sustainability Reporting
Sustainability Reporting to Minimize Negative Impacts and Increase Positive Benefits

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