Thursday, July 23, 2015

Best Practice in Sustainability Reporting and Sustainability Communications

Ethical Corporation has recently published its complimentary Annual Review on CR Reporting and Sustainability Communications. Ethical Corporation helps thousands of businesses all around the globe to be more responsible. They work with NGO's, think-tanks, academia, governments and consultancies. Their work not only benefits the wider world, it also makes good business sense for the organizations that they serve. Their efforts include work in CSR, compliance, risk and governance communities.

Ethical Corporation's CR Reporting and Sustainability Communications is a 25 page document that contains corporate case studies and best practice. In addition to being a guide for robust and focused reporting it delivers a number of organization specific benefits.

The report is designed to help readers understand how reporting can drive positive change and increase profits. A best practice guide shows how to increase brand integrity and awareness. It also reviews ways of engaging internal and external stakeholders to build support and develop mutually beneficial ongoing relationships.

It also provides guidance on G4 reporting including insights from sustainability leaders and ways of translating the materiality challenges in your organization.

Finally the sustainability values guide helps you to build an organization specific case for management.

Click here to apply to download your complementary version of the report.

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