Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Carbon Trust Sustainability Certification

Carbon Trust offers certification for organizations in sustainability. This includes energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, water use and waste management. Carbon Trust independently validates and certifies organizational achievements in adopting more sustainable business models.

The certification process acts to identify inefficiencies in resource use and provides a framework for improving management processes. The Carbon Trust Standard helps organizations to measure, manage and reduce their environmental impact, whilst improving their resource management and operational sustainability.

Carbon Trust certification is designed to reduce costs and enhance corporate reputations. They also help organizations to communicate sustainability achievements with customers, investors and stakeholders.

Certifications are awarded to for best-practice and real achievements in reduction. The Carbon Trust standard and certification offers tangible proof of sustainability to customers, employees, shareholders and suppliers.

There are currently over 1,100 organisations having certified, they have helping create a new business culture whereby corporate sustainability is now an essential part of business management.

Carbon Trust Standard bearers include:

Allied Bakeries
Anglian Water
Branston Ltd
Bentley Motors
Center Parcs
Dept for Energy & Climate Change
Foreign & Commonwealth Office
Marks & Spencer
Standard Chartered Bank
The Football Association

Together Certified organisations have saved saved $258 million in energy and operational costs and reduce carbon emissions by over 3.6 million tons of CO2e every year, with an average annual energy cost saving of $503,000.

As reported by Business Green one of the companies to recently earn Carbon Trust Certification is Vegetarian-food supplier Quorn. They succeeded in reducing the carbon footprint of their core mycoprotein ingredient by 15 percent. Improvements to their vegetarian mince products have resulted in a 90 percent lower carbon footprint than its beef equivalent.

They have also invested in energy efficiency initiatives at its Stokesley headquarters, including improved temperature control and thermal insulation. Overall they have reduced their building's carbon emissions by 15 percent.

Kevin Brennan, Quorn chief executive, said "we work hard as a business to ensure we're doing right by the environment. The recent investment in the business has certainly helped to ensure we're doing everything possible to reduce our carbon footprint and we will continue this as we embark on our journey to becoming a $1bn business."

The international impact of the improvements to Quorn's products drew praise from Carbon Trust managing director Darran Messem.

For more information on Carbon Trust Certification click here.

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