Sunday, July 12, 2015

Event - Project NZ: Telling Good Stories

This event will take place on September 3, 2015 at AUT University in Auckland, New Zealand. While organizations are increasingly integrating sustainability into their practices, they must also be able to effectively share that information. Communicating sustainability in a compelling way affords a powerful competitive advantage. However there is a gap between sustainability initiatives and public awareness. At this conference attendees will learn how to share their sustainability stories with the general public and stakeholders.

The Project NZ: Telling good stories conference will help your business be more effective in communicating sustainability internally and to your market. It will give you tools to grow the commercial success of your business through building the right messages for your market.

Exploring the best in sustainable brands globally and in New Zealand, it will look at digital trends and innovations, and show you how to use your brand as a voice for change. The conference will help you build a credible, sustainable brand to increase awareness and sales, as well as engage your staff in understanding the business advantages of sustainability.

This event is intended for anyone who wants to learn actionable steps for effectively communicating sustainability to your internal and external stakeholders. It is specifically designed for directors, business development managers, brand managers, marketers, communication professionals, sustainability managers, project managers, supply chain managers, and creative and design agencies.

  • The new era of communicating and sustainability
  • The future of sustainable brands in New Zealand
  • New innovations
  • Connecting with millennials
  • Marketing
  • Internal communication
  • Visual storytelling
  • Integrated reporting
  • Engaging with the media


The speakers are leaders in their field and include international experts from the UK and Australia, as well as leaders of some of New Zealand’s foremost sustainable brands.

Keynote speaker

Matthew Yeomans is the Founder of Sustainly, a UK media consultancy providing intelligence and advisory services for brands communicating sustainability, including FTSE and Fortune 500 companies. He is the lead author of the Social Media Sustainability Index.

Other Speakers include
  • Matthew Yeomans - CEO, Sustainly, UK Peter Cullinane - Founder and Chairman, Lewis Road Creamery 
  • Alicia Darvall - Executive Director, B Corps Australia 
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