Friday, July 3, 2015

New GRI Sustainability Reporting Tools and Resources

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a leader in sustainability reporting and they continue to provide resources to help companies to track their performance. GRI's latest contribution is another helpful installment in this rapidly growing field. This fast moving and increasingly complex realm has seen the proliferation of a number of tools and resources to help companies rise to the challenge.

GRI is working to expand its scope with the aim of advancing sustainability reporting by assisting organizations with their decision making processes.

To improve the quality of sustainability reporting, GRI has restructured its services and created what is known as the GRI Support Suite. This includes a range of tools and services that can help both those who compile reports and those who read them.

The GRI Support Suite offers guidance throughout the entire reporting process. The four categories in the GRI Support Suite are Preparation, which helps those responsible with preparing the report. Alignment which helps to ensure that the report is aligned with GRI guidelines. Communication which helps to share results with a broader audience and Analysis which can help provide insight into sustainability data.

To go to the GRI Support Suite click here.

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