Saturday, July 11, 2015

Proof of Disinformation from Fossil Fuel Companies (Video)

The fossil fuel industry is widely known to be the driving force behind climate denying front groups and disreputable scientists. Their aim is to make the public question the veracity of climate scientists and by all accounts they have been successful. In the US they managed to increase public skepticism and gain control of the Republican party.

As revealed by a series of internal company and trade association documents the fossil fuel industry has funded climate denial. This summary of evidence from the Union of Concerned Scientists shows how the fossil fuel industry funds a campaign of deception. 

Here is an assemblage of some of the most compelling evidence to date:

For thirty years they have been working to confuse the clear scientific evidence that fossil fuels are responsible for climate change. They not only work to misinform the public, they influence politicians in devious ways.

If left unchecked the fossil fuel industry will push us past dangerous climate tipping points and create a world ravaged by climate change.

Click here to read more about the fossil fuel industry's coordinated campaign of deception in this report from the Union of Concerned Scientists. Click here to do something about it.

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