Saturday, August 29, 2015

Expanded Water Tool Reveals the Actual and Future Risks and Costs (Videos)

An expanded version of a tool has just been released that provides actionable information to help businesses manage their water risks. It obvious to everyone, including businesses that water is a finite resource that is in growing demand. It is becoming increasingly evident that water is a strategic asset. Now more than ever businesses want a better understanding of their exposure to water risks. In addition to risk mitigation water is increasingly being understood as a cost saving opportunity. Businesses are also concerned about water scarcity as a constraint to growth. While having the information to craft the right water policy can be instrumental to success, water is currently undervalued and the real price remains elusive.

To ascertain the real value water Ecolab and Trucosthave developed a free tool known as the Water Risk Monetizer. This location specific tool was first introduced in November 2014 and it provides financial valuations of water at any given plant.

This is the first tool to quantify water risks and facilitate informed decision making with actionable information. In this video CEOs Doug Baker (Ecolab) and Richard Mattison (Trucost) discuss why they invented the monitizer and what it does.

Since the initial release last year a new expanded version has become available that accounts for potential profit reductions associated with water scarcity. For more detailed information on how to use the tool watch the full tutorial below.

To access the tool click here.

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