Monday, August 24, 2015

Free Sustainable Water Management Software for Universities

Water and wastewater modeling software is now available for free to students and professors at universities around the world. The GIS-centric water and wastewater modeling software is a special student edition of both InfoWater and InfoSWMM. The software address every facet water management and protection. Essentially it contains everything that is need to plan, design, operate, secure and sustain water distribution. This includes predictive analytics, systems dynamics, optimization functionality. Some of the specific features are dynamic water quality simulations, valve criticality and energy cost analysis.

The software suite is designed to provide educational opportunities for students in institutes of higher learning. Interested universities can use this advanced, high performance water modeling software in their classrooms and labs.

Working with this software will provide practical skills that are valued in the workforce. The software will give students an opportunity to design, plan, operate and manage sustainable water distribution and wastewater/stormwater collection systems.

The offer comes from Innovyze, a company that develops business analytics software and technologies for smart water infrastructure. The InfoWater and InfoSWMM software is widely used by utilities and engineering firms around the world.

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