Saturday, August 8, 2015

Homage to Jon Stewart: Thanks for Putting Denial on Display and Making us Laugh in the Process (Video)

The Daily Show hosted by Jon Stewart has come to an end after 16 years. He has educated more young people with his hilarious parodies than any news show on television. Stewart's material was often little more than verbatim reviews of the outlandish antics of the Republican party, and in particular their farcical approach to climate change. As evident in the clip below, some truly absurd statements have come from Rep. Steve Stockman the Republican member of the House of Representatives from Texas.

Unbelievably, this man sits on the House Committee on Science and Technology. Republicans like Stockman are scientifically illiterate climate denying Luddites. While they provide fodder for comedians, the terrifying reality is that such men wield real power. As Jon points out in this clip, their refusal to accept the science of climate change could be dismissed as mere ignorance were it not for the fact that many of them receive generous support from the fossil fuel industry.

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